World’s Kidney Day

World’s Kidney Day

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The World Kidney day is the Joint initiative taken by the International Federation of Kidney Federations and International Society for Nephrology for raising the overall awareness when it comes to importance of Kidney health and the importance of the Kidney as an organ for the overall functioning of the body in a proper way. The awareness is also spread to curb the overall occurrences of this disease worldwide. This day is celebrated on the second Thursday in March.

The main mission behind this day is to teach the masses about the importance of the health of the kidneys in the overall health of the body! This day and the events are also designed in such a way that the overall occurrences and the impact of the kidney diseases decrease on the world. The awareness is also spread on how high blood pressure is one of the key factors behind CKD’s (chronic Kidney diseases).

Regular screening is also encouraged for the patients that have diabetes and hypertension, as there are high chances that they may have chronic kidney diseases. This day is not only to spread the awareness amongst the common masses but this is also to make sure that all the medical professionals that practice in the areas where risk is high know how to combat these issues and also know how to reduce the impact and occurrences of this issue.

Not only this, to make the things interesting, particular themes are also laid focus on! The themes are always related to something or the other regarding your kidneys!

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