Good Friday

Good Friday

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If you ask any Christian around the globe for the significance of Good Friday, the will tell you that it is celebrated on the day on which Jesus Christ was crucified and died at Cavalry. This day is a part of the holy week and is observed on the Friday before the Easter Sunday. This day sometimes coincide with the Jewish celebration of the Passover day. This day also goes by the name of Holy Friday, Great Friday, Black Friday and even Easter Friday.

Good Friday is a legal holiday that is widely instituted in many countries. Some countries have also prohibited certain things because of the events that happened on this day. The ways that this day is observed is divided into two main schools, the Roman Catholics and the Eastern Christians.

First, we will discuss about the way the Roman Catholics celebrate this day. On this day, in many countries, fasting is done. People refrain from eating meat and have only one square meal in a day that too not a proper one. As far as the services are concerned, there are no celebrations for the Mass between the Lord’s Supper and good Thursday. Special services can be authorised by the Vatican or the local Bishop. Baptism, anointing and penance are the only things that are observed on this day. Crosses, candles and all the things that are worshipped are removed and no bells are rung. All in all this is a day of mass mourning and rememberance.

In the Eastern Christianity on the other hand, this day is referred to as Great Friday as this day is to commemorate the sacrifice that Jesus did through his crucifixion. Rest the traditions are more or less the same.

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