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Halloween, what is the first thing that comes to the front of your mind? Trick or treat right? But the real reason behind the celebration of this day is far too deep. The 31st of October the date on which this day is celebrated on is also known as the Samhain that is the end of the summers and hence also the end of all the living things.

Historically, this festival was celebrated to mark the end of the harvest season when all the wheat and corn was harvested and stored for the use during winters.

In various cultures, this day has got different significances and ways of celebration. In the Celtic culture, the bonfires are lit to placate the spirits of the dead, in many European cultures, youngsters wear grotesque masks and carry lanterns to ward off these spirits.

The adults are also not behind when it comes to the celebrations of this day, they also take active part in guising that is the adult version of the trick or treat. In many cultures, however, storytelling is of much more importance. What can be better than this day to light a bonfire and share stories?

So, we can definitely conclude by saying that this day is definitely not a day of excuse for the kids to go door to door and grab candy, it is actually a continuation of the tradition that is going on for a long time. This is also a day of bonding between the living and the dead. But, as every festival goes, wearing costumes and socializing definitely helps in getting the general spirits up.

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