Labour Day

Labour Day

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Any country or organization cannot grow without the labor. The Labor Day is celebrated on the first Monday of September in the United States of America. This day is celebrated to commemorate the American Labour movement and also to pay respects the social and economic contributions that the labours have done to the country. This day constitutes a tribute that is done yearly to the labors who have seen to the strength, well being and prosperity of their country.

Historically this day was supported and promoted by both the Central Labor Union and the Knights of Labor. However, the observance of this day began with the Haymarket Massacre which occurred in Chicago in the year 1886 on May 4th. But, as the years advanced, this day evolved into Labor Day and the opinion of the Knights of labor won. In 1887, the first holiday for this day was announced. However, in Canada the same day was celebrated as the Labour Day and soon spread to the rest of the world. Sometimes this day is also said to be analogous to the International Worker’s Day which is observed on the 1st of May. This day was however proposed as holiday in 1882 by Matthew Macguire who was a machinist and was at that time the secretary of the Central Labour Union (CLU).

The celebrations of this day begins with a mass parade that is the symbol of the strength and unity of the labors, after this parade, events and functions are held for the labours and their families! Prominent men and women are also involved in this day and are often called upon for giving a speech, this emphasises the civil importance of this day.

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