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Information technology revolutions made the world feel so small like a village. Any news or issues world over gets flashed in just a few minutes only. Be it weather update, political updates, time, temperature or anything, everything is globally available for all anytime. There are many issues that is a matter of utmost concern all over the world, be it terrorism, global warming, depleting water resources, green cover, increasing pollution, population, diseases like ebola, aids, and many more such things.


Today one cannot think of anything in isolation. Not a single state, country or continent can run any activity without affecting the neighborhood. United nations, BRICS, SAARC are many such initiative that are taking up global concerns. World strategies change due to the change in position taken by any country on any issue.


Globally there are innumerable issues of vital importance. Developing countries provide business opportunities of growth to the already developed countries. Afganistan, Iraq are many such examples, where most devastation took place. Now people are coming back to their normal lives & are being helped by countries like India who is taking active roles in the development as well as administration.


World is changing for the better, it has become more of a necessity today to think and act with a global conscience. Global thought processes give vent to the brotherhood, humanity & other rational thinking systems that nurtures humanity.


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