Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality

Greed for power or preferential treatment has always been the curse behind all the public mess that has majorly taken place so far. Today, the Net neutrality has also fallen victim to this fresh onslaught from the few powerful ones, just due to their greed to have larger pie. 

The scale growth of today could not have been possible without Internet. A neutral net is an ideal situation that spurns growth for one and all with equal opportunity in a fair manner.  Any deviation in this would endanger the very basic principal of Net.

closed internet

There has been huge support from the Netizens world over, in support of neutrality and It is very interesting  to note that those against it also have not been able to say it openly. Be it Facebook on the world platform or Airtel in India, they are all giving their own logic towards net neutrality, but the truth remains that ultimately, they would have to bow down to the masses. Flipkart sensed the public mood and stepped out of the arrangement they earlier had planned to have.

Governments in the world should take note of this and make sure that the steps are taken to keep Internet free of  such bullying designs from anyone, anywhere. Any casual approach to this issue will result in great disharmony for the Information system flow.  We would equate this to the crucial environmental  issue of Global warming that is affecting the world today is only due to our damn care attitude towards cutting trees, uncontrolled pollutions and unplanned urbanization.

Each one of us should be aware of the threat and should oppose it at our own level to have independent and unbiased Internet for all.

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