Independence Day History of India August-15-2015 –

Independence Day History of India August-15-2015 –

The day, 15th August, 1947, that brought freedom to our nation from the 190 years long rule of the Britishers is celebrated every year to remember our nation’s freedom fighters who fought to bring this air of freedom to us. Today even after 68 years of politically free India, the mass of India pay tribute to the people who dreamt of a Free Nation and ultimately brought the freedom even at the cost of their lives. Independence Day is celebrated on every 15th August across the nation to cherish the freedom.

When We Look Back

The Britishers took over India with their victory in the War of Plassey which took place in the year of 1757 and from then 190 years of their reign continued. In the year of 1857, Indians first fought against Britishers to bring back their freedom and this war is known as Sepoy Mutiny, which is the first huge attempt to break the world of slavery from the foreigners. The Indians then cried out for freedom and started an anti-partition movement when the partition of Bengal in 1905 took place. This movement for independence against the years long loots by the Britishers gained huge momentum and with this, the fight for independence begun.

The Names That No One Can Forget

Mahatma Gandhi, who is regarded as the Father of our Nation came into the scene in the year 1919; he started three major mass movements against Britishers. Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose formed the first Indian National Army who fought against the Britishers. He also brought the support from international countries which helped India to a great extent. All the cumulative efforts across the nation forced British rule to end in the year 1947 and ultimately India gained political freedom.

Cherishing the Day in Different Ways

The day is celebrated in the capital city of the nation, New Delhi, where President, Prime minister and other officials pay floral tribute to the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi at his Samadhi, Rajghat. Then the flag hoisting ceremony begins in the Red Fort, where the Prime Minister of the nation hosts our Tricolour Flag. It is followed by welcoming the P.M with the Guard of Honour by the chiefs of the military force of the nation.

The day is celebrated across the nation, in State Capitals, Municipal Corporation, panchayats and even at an individual level. Flag hosting at schools and other educational institutes forms a major part of the celebration. The different States of the country also organised different events to celebrate the day of Independence.

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