Information about Raksha Bandhan Celebration 2015 – Hindu Festival

Information about Raksha Bandhan Celebration 2015 – Hindu Festival

Raksha Bandhan – Way to Cherish the Love and Responsibilities of Siblings

The bond between the siblings is like the best bond and relationship ever existed on earth. They protect, love, respect and fight sometimes against each other and most of the time for each other. Siblings are the branches of the same roots; they are the best friends carrying the same blood. This love and care are celebrated on the auspicious day known as Raksha Bandhan, which is popular in North India but also celebrated in other parts of the nation. In 2015, August 29th will be celebrated as the Raksha Bandhan when a sister will tie a Rakhi on her brother’s hand and the brother will gift her in return and will promise to protect her from any problem she faces in her life.

Still the Bond Remains

This day is a day of celebration in almost every family where there still exists the love between the siblings and they know that they will be there for each other. In today’s generation, for different reasons, siblings have to stay in different places but still, the bond exists and that’s why Rakhis and different gifts come from different parts of the world to cherish the love and the bond of the siblings. Even when they are not residing together, they send posts to celebrate and this is the importance of this day in India.

Rituals and the Mythological Facts

A sister fasts from the morning till she ties a Rakhi on her brother’s wrist and then like all other Indian celebrations, the sweets and food play big part. Different people celebrate this day in a different way, but the rituals are almost same. There are mythological values attached to this day. It is said that the lord of the death Yama’s sister used to tie a Rakhi on every Shravan Purnima and from then he declared that whoever gets a Rakhi tied on their wrist by their sisters will be immortal and that’s why sister ties Rakhi wishing for long lives of their brothers and in turn brothers promise to support their sisters through thick and thin.

Some Beliefs

The celebration mainly takes place in the month of August when the rains come to an end and thereby the weather becomes favourable and soothing and this is another aspect of this celebration that is to celebrate the nature’s changes for protection for mankind.

The bond between the siblings will always be regarded as the most precious relationship and to cherish that Indians across the globe celebrate Raksha Bandhan.


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