The Launch of the new Adventure series from Mahindra which has awed the entire market.

The Launch of the new Adventure series from Mahindra which has awed the entire market.

Recently on 4th February 2016, Noida region of Delhi was responsible for organizing a large auto expo of the Mahindra and Mahindra Limited Company to showcase the newly launched automobiles that the company has developed. The automobiles that were kept in display for the expo were the XUV Aero, the Tivoli, the all new eco-friendly e20 and the new range of truck mobiles under the brand name of BLAZO.

All notable figures of the Mahindra were present in the expo giving out details to the visitors and they also organized presentations which gave a detailed thorough description of the entire fleet of automobiles that were in display. The XUV Aero is one of the future cars which is a sports utility and is going to win the hearts of all sports SUV lovers. The endurance and the performance of the XUZ Aero are no doubt excellent. This particular SUV is known to match the speed of Cheetah and also has a touch of urban feel with a very developed aerodynamic body and very bold graphics.

It is also studded with three types of suspension modes namely Race, Off-Road, Street and Sport. The engine also contains turbo boosters which can take the car to attain about 210HP of the engine which charges up the car to a distance of 0 to 60 is just about 6 seconds. The XUV Aero is practically designed for the hot young blood and the ones who have a passion for driving. The Tivoli is the one of the best sellers and is very successful in grasping the Korean market with its compact SUV features. Not only Korea but Tivoli has won the heart of Europe by its performance and stability features. Then there is the entire fleet of electronic cars that is being launched by the company.

The e20 Sport has already won the hearts of people and is very much seen on the streets. This car is one of its kinds rendering its services towards the electric car market of the world. It has an unbeatable range of about 80KW power and can jump from 0 to 60 km in about 4 seconds. Along with it came the E-Verito which is also powered by electricity and has the guarantee of about zero percentage of emission.

This particular sedan can be easily charged up in home and it takes about 2 hours to get fully charged and is able to travel up to 100 kilometers depending on the load that the vehicle would be carrying. Then there comes the Supro Electric which is an 8 seater van which also gives zero emission guarantees and is also capable of covering 100 kilometers if charged once. It is a fully automatic reliable vehicle which reaches the standard speed of about 50 kilometers per hour. Made suitable for all weathers this car also ensures huge standards of wellbeing along with consistency. All these newly launched vehicles will indeed rule the markets of 2016 as many families look forward to get one of their own.

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