The pride and honour of Australia lies in the hands of its Cricket team which is always on the top.

The pride and honour of Australia lies in the hands of its Cricket team which is always on the top.

The team of Australia represents the country in the International Cricket grounds. Known for its consistency in winning all matches this team is one dedicated family which stops at nothing. Firstly it was the unstoppable team who won nearly all matches of the Test series and so on. But gradually when other countries and their finest players stepped in they faced real competition. But this fact did not demoralize them for a bit as they continued their fight to remain at the top under any cost. The team of Australia has played around 786 matches among which they lost only 208 and won around 370 and the remaining 206 they managed to draw. But currently they hold the third position the ICC test Championship behind India and South Africa.

The history of the Australian cricket is very well marked with the number of world cups it has won. The team has won a record of five world cup games in total in the years of 1987, 1999, 2003, 2007 and 2015. It is also the second team to win the world cup in their home soil after India. The team participates in every match and always stands out to win something or the other. It has also won the ICC Champions Trophy twice, once in 206 and the next time in 2009 back to back which is again the first of its kind in the history of cricket. The first Test match of the team was held in MCG in 1877 where it defeated the team of England by 45 runs.

The petty population of Australia has never stopped it from creating star players in the game field like Jack Blackham, Billy Murdoch, George Bonnor, and George Giffen. The cricket team of Australia experienced its first Golden Age period in the beginning of the 20th century when the team won eight out of ten matches of their tour. The entire golden era took place under the leadership of the Joe Darling, Monty Noble, and Clem Hill. However the team suffered loses too during the 1950’s when it lost consecutive three Ashes series making England the winner every time. But this downfall only motivated them enough to win five consecutive series in the final half of the century.

The team has different outfits for their different types of matches. During ODI’s and Twenty20 they wear uniforms of the color green and gold which are as considered the national color of Australia. Not the uniforms but the sponsors logos also change accordingly. Like for example it is the Victoria Bitter for ODI’s held in homeland, KFC for Twenty20 held in Homeland too and Qantas for other matches of ODI and Twenty20 which are not held in their homeland.

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