Raj Shrikant Thackeray, the Don of Indian Politics of Maharashtra | Dirt Sheet

Raj Shrikant Thackeray, the Don of Indian Politics of Maharashtra | Dirt Sheet

Raj Shrikant Thackeray, the Don of Indian politics of Maharashtra – Dirt Sheet Magazine

He is the cousin of the current leader of the Shiv Sena group. His name is often gainsaid with the word Swararaj. His childhood was a simple one where he was lived a normal life in a mediocre family. He learned the art of playing table along with guitar and violin in his childhood and also drew cartoons for a weekly magazine. His creativeness was often praised by his family and friends as he had an extraordinary talent for that. He was a part of his uncle’s political reign but soon he decided to quit and start a party of his own which became a reality in 2006 in Mumbai. The name of his party was decided to be Maharashtra Navnirman Sena and during this period he also made sure to announce to the public that he is aloof to any kind of rivalries from his uncle. He wanted to maintain peace with him and run his party successfully alongside his with complete different reforms and regulations. He respected the means of his uncle as he was his mentor and taught him everything that is required for entering the political world. He always believed in answering back his enemies or the unjust in a violent way and his actions often caused problem for many. He is the reason for leading a violent protest against the migratory residents of North India. He has absolute no interest in gaining international importance and he proved this when he did not allow the Australian Cricket team to take part in the IPL season 3 match which took place in Mumbai as a result of the oppression that the Indian students had to face in their country.

His reforms and way of working is a bit different and his actions are a clear proof of it.  He was in news once for protesting against the fact that the street shops existing in Mumbai should have a compulsory Marathi sign board along with the English counterpart. He made sure that his saying is put into action as he tends to threaten the public if not done so. His threat this time was that his party people would start marking the sign boards with black color if they find any single non Marathi board in display. His action and behavior can be well compared with those of Hitler. He is also accused of threatening Jaya Bachchan for supporting the language of Hindi over Marathi one time. This threat could be only resolved if she apologized to the public for making this stale remark against the people of Maharashtra. His way of working for the good is pretty different than any of the other politicians.  By blocking all jet airways flights to take off from the airport he managed to reinstate around a thousand working employees who were laid off for petty reasons. This entire drama was a result of his functionality and he had absolute no pressure from any other political parties.

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