Shinzo Abe, the democratic politician and prime Minister of Japan | Dirt Sheet

Shinzo Abe, the democratic politician and prime Minister of Japan | Dirt Sheet

Shinzo Abe, the democratic politician and prime Minister of Japan – Dirt Sheet Magazine

The Liberal Democratic Party of Japan is also under the president ship of him. Abe belongs to a very promising political family and due to this reason he acquired the title of becoming the youngest prime minister of Japan at a mere age of 52 after the world wars. But unfortunately he could only keep this title for a year as he resigned from the post of being the prime Minister of Japan due to some severe health issues. But he again came back to the world of politics after winning the position of the becoming the president of the LDP Group. He got his position of becoming the prime minister again in the year 2012. His family is originated from the Nagato Yamaguchi trait and both of his parents were politicians. His mother was the daughter of the Prime Minister of japan during the tenure of 1957 to 1960 whose name was Yoko Kishi. She was also a cabinet member during the oncoming of the Second World War. Abe was a student of the subject of political science and he graduated from Seikei University in the year of 1977. His completed his masters in the subject of Public Policy from the University of Southern California in United States. He had been working after his studies for various government posts, for example he worked as an executive assistance to the foreign affairs minister, had also served as the private secretary of the general council of LDP and so on.

It is in the year of 1993 that he got his first political break in his career when he was appointed to represent his district when his father died. Since that day he gradually climbed the political ladder of Japan and achieved recognition henceforth. His success was also looked upon in many occasions. His family had to undergo an attack in the year of 2000 and this phenomenon continued for a lot of time. The reason behind these attacks was stipulated to be the refusal of Abe in helping the local broker with monetary aid. He has developed many such policies which have the record of benefitting the population. He has taken ample steps in securing the financial status of the budget of Japan by making many changes in the government policies. He has even appointed an expert in the field of tax policy named as Koji Omi. He has also made some notable changes in the field of education by giving importance to the history of country and making sure that the students of the nation are taught so as well. He fought too well with his foreign policies. He underwent a hard time when he had answer questions in support of the Japanese citizens who were abducted by North Korea. He even sanctioned permission to those abducted citizens to visit Japan whenever they want but they were not allowed to return back to their families who were left in North Korea. By performing this action he proved that is no different than the North Korean Government in breaching a diplomatic promise.

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