Comedian Sunil Grover has announced his new gig with Kiku Sharda

Comedian Sunil Grover has announced his new gig with Kiku Sharda

The famous Indian comedy TV show called “The Kapil Sharma Show” is now going to face some big changes. The reason for this big change is the misbehaviour of Kapil Sharma with his colleagues. It is said that all this happened few days ago when Kapil and his team (including Chndan, Sunil Grover and others) was returning to India after completing their show in Australia.

Kapil and Chandan had some arguments while they were performing in Australia. However, Sunil Grover and few others managed to resolve the dispute among these two artists. But, while returning to India, Kapil had few drinks in flight and started the same argument again with Chandan. And, while doing so, he abused his friend Chandan in front of all the passengers. And, when Sunil Grover came in to take situation under control, he also had to face some seriously foul language from Kapil. Sunil didn’t feel right to retaliate at that moment as Kapil was drunk and everyone was watching.

However, as per the latest development in this whole incident is that Sunil Grover has decided to quit “The Kapil Sharma Show”. Along with him Chandan, Ali Asgar (who used to play “Naniji”) and Kiku Sharda have also decided to quit. This will definitely teach some lesson to Kapil. The show’s popularity was also credited mostly to Sunil Grover. He used to play various roles and deliver hilarious performances on the show.

Kapil has tried his best to apologise on Twitter, but things now do not seem to be working for Kapil. Meanwhile, Sunil Grover and Kiku Sharda, along with few others, are planning to start a new show. As per the latest information they have got an offer from Colours channel to get their show aired. The Colours channel was also not happy when Kapil left this channel due to his unreasonable demands.

We just want that real talent should always be appreciated. Let us see what will be the fate of Sunil Grover and Kiku Sharda’s new show. Till then keep your fingers crossed… A great show is about to come!!

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