Woah! Kapil’s show to be replaced by a new Sunil Grover show?

Woah! Kapil’s show to be replaced by a new Sunil Grover show?

It has been a long time while the dispute between Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma is going on. Things are not turning out to be in Kapil’s favor. Meanwhile, there is so much going on in media world regarding this controversy. After the efforts made by Kapil and his well wishers, Sony channel itself stood for Sunil and offered him to modify his contract with “no interaction with Kapil” clause.

This dispute and Kapil’s misbehavior really shook the entire entertainment industry. This industry has seen many such artists who have lost the fame and career due to such ego issues and misbehavior. And, Kapil could be the next example for this. Sunil Grover, on the other hand, hardly seems to be ready to compromise this time. As per Sunil, it is not for the first time that Kapil has misbehaved with him and he is not going to be back on the show. However, Sunil is willing to work for Sony channel as he has signed contract with them.

Sony channel has been witnessing the drop in TRP ratings for The Kapil Sharma Show. The channel has made clear that if Kapil is not able to get the team and the TRP back, they will not sign Kapil for future ventures. The channel is also planning to abort this show and start a brand new show with Sunil Grover as a main lead. Sony is now willing to invest in Sunil as the channel had to face a bad press due to Kapil’s misbehavior in the flight. This is being talked about widely on internet, media and everywhere.

Even the competitor channel Colours, that had issues with Kapil, is also approaching Sunil Grover for some projects. Sunil has some really important decisions to make now. He really has to be very practical and careful while choosing the further options. However, it seems that Sunil will continue to work with Sony as the channel has rights over his characters – Dr. Mashoor Gulati and Rinku Bhabhi. Also, the channel earns a good chunk if he performs these characters in any live shows. All eyes are now set on Sunil Grover’s next move.
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