Reliance Jio launches ‘Dhan Dhana Dhan’; offers free data for Rs 309

Reliance Jio launches ‘Dhan Dhana Dhan’; offers free data for Rs 309

Reliance Jio had to discontinue its Summer Surprise offer with immediate effect as per the orders by TRAI. This led to a great discontent among the Jio customers who were planning to get subscribed for Jio Prime membership and free data for three months. Reliance Jio conducted a research and found that it had more than 5 crore of its customers converted to Prime members and therefore launched this offer to attract even more of them. However, it was not allowed to do so by TRAI.

Now, in order to compensate and satisfy its potential customers, Reliance Jio has launched a new offer. They have named it as “Dhan Dhana Dhan” offer. Under this offers subscriber will get 84 GB of data for next three months by paying Rs. 309. In addition, data of 168 GB for 3 months is provided for Rs. 608. These charges are for new Jio customers. However, for existing prime members the cost for 168 GB data will be even less, that is, Rs. 509. All the calls and messages will be free as it was there initially.

This time Jio has come up with two plans: 1 GB per day and 2 GB per day. 1 GB plan will give 1 GB data per day, which will count to 28 GB data in 28 Days. Moreover, 2 GB plan will give 2 GB data per day, which means 56 GB data in 28 days. The validity for both of the plans is 3 months. That means if you have paid Rs. 309, then you will get 1 GB data per day for next three months (84 days). And, on top of that you will get free calls and messages if you have paid Rs. 99 for Jio Prime membership.

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