Life is dry without any celebration. People love celebrating any occasion big or small. It gives them the time to share happiness with loved ones. Kids and youngsters love to celebrate always. Just give them the hint about celebrating some event and see how impatiently they wait for the day to arrive.

India is known for its multi cultural festivities, making it a place of celebrations. Each religion has their own festivals, fixed in a calendar. For Hindus, the full moon is a festive Poornima day and no moon days are kept for pujas of devtas or deities like shani, kali or hanuman. Hindu’s major celebrating festivals in India are Holi, Diwali, dussehra, Lohri, Onam etc. In Hinduism, every day of the week from Sunday to Saturday has it’s own significance and each day is a celebration day in it’s own ways either for worship a particular deity or being on fast.

Globally, Valentines day, Id, Christmas, New year are the major celebration events.

Celebration brings the feeling of cohesiveness amongst the communities and in general it creates atmosphere of a goodwill & spreads happiness all around. These events also brings prosperity to the society by large. Many people get employments and many small big business flourish in such celebrations.

Some intolerant people who do not like celebration of others, create troubles for the peace loving society and this is the dark aspect of such events. In the name of celebrations these petty people divide the masses on the base of religion, cast or creed.

The real celebrations does not require an excuse. We should celebrate each day of our life as a Gift of God to us.

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