Kejriwal went to office only twice last year, claims Mishra

Kejriwal went to office only twice last year, claims Mishra

Kapil Mishra (AAP minister) was sacked from AAP on 16th May Wednesday, alleged that Delhi CM has been to his office and the secretariat only twice in the last year. He says that CM Kejriwal has not taken any action against corruptions and even he didn’t utter a word despite various corruption cases.

He says in his blog post that Kejriwal is cut off from the public. Kapil Mishra claimed that Delhi Govt. (AAP) failed to curb corruption. He accused CM Arvind Kejriwal of holding meetings behind closed doors as he didn’t want to face the public.

Kapil Mishra posted and tweeted about CM Kejriwal and gave him an open challenge to prove his allegation wrong in front of public.

He alleged that The CM, Kejriwal cut off from the public after facing so many corruption charges against his friends and relatives, he left his house for many days to see movies.

Mishra posted in his facebook post as “The CM, who is completely cut off from the public leaves his house after many days to see Sarkar 3. What do you have to say now?”

Delhi Govt. Says, Mishra’s posts are ridiculous and baseless. However the Aam Aadmi Party govt. offered no response to his posts, tweets, and allegations.

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