Life-style : live off the edge!

Life-style : live off the edge!

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No body likes to live a boring life, almost everyone of us do aspire for a high lifestyle. Activities where one can enjoy and live life luxuriously, go out with friends, have good night life. Youths of today are living such life everywhere in the metros. Guys from small town or even remote villages are also not far behind. They too are undergoing a sea change in their living ways.


People do not hesitate to work very hard for this. Cities where we see people living such glamorous lives, actually lead a real tough life to attain such lifestyle. But no one complains. We all know to have flashy cars, swanky home, luxury holidays & all other high lifestyle requirements, one has to have the matching income as well. Spending on night life parties, going out for dinners, attending clubs & everything requires hefty expenditures.


The irony of leading such life is that it comes with lot of health issues. Hectic schedules do not give sufficient time for people to sleep & rest. Taking quick bytes and rushing to work, exerting to meet the official targets keep the pressure on always and affects the health very badly. The same life style is causing people to live with ailments like Blood pressure, Sugar, aching back, lack of sunlight causing vitamin D deficiency and much more.  The wise ones adopt mix of healthy life style by finding time for attending health activities such as joining Gym, swimming or going for a walk etc.


Businesses are flourishing either ways  for Clubs, Hotels, Restaurants or Gyms, Health Clubs, Salons all get millions of opportunities coming their ways. It’s interesting to note the eco system.

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