10 Reasons Why Women Suffer from Severe Hair fall

Once her braid was long enough and now she is missing long and thick hair to styling her hair every day. She is looking to improve the strength and thickness of her hair.
Are you also suffering from the problem of hair fall? Are dry scalp and thinning hair problems make you less confident? Yes, we know that smooth and shining hair is the dream of every girl. After all, black and long hair play a very important role in maintaining your look and make your presence noticeable.

Hair is considered as an asset for a woman that enhances her physical appearance. Many girls have thick, long, black, and shiny hair during their school and college days but suddenly black hair turns gray and their shine disappears.

Why does it happen?

This happens due to excessive use of hair styling tools like curling iron, hair strengtheners, hair products, sprays, colours, gels and many more chemicals. These harmful chemical products can hamper hair growth and become the main cause of hair fall.

A woman’s body goes through lots of changes through her entire life and these changes sometimes become the major reason and contribute to hair loss. But this is not an incurable problem, you can easily get the treatment for it.

You just need to figure out the main reason of hair fall. You might be wondering how to figure out the root cause of your hair loss problem? Don’t worry; we are here to help you out. We have listed 10 most common reasons for hair fall in women, check them out below:

  • Bad hair etiquette

Stop Using Excessive Chemicals and Hairstyling Tools.

As we discussed above, excessive use of chemicals and hairstyling tools can damage hair shaft and cause hair fall. There are other bad hair etiquettes that include wrong combs, tight ponytails and parting your hair can further worsen the condition. Sometimes excessive use of shampoo and colouring can cause lots of hair problems like dry scalp, dandruff, thin hair and many more.

  • Anaemia

A balanced and proper diet is the key of a healthy body.
Are you taking a balanced diet? Hair fall may occur due to the problem of anaemia in women. This is again due to poor diet or less intake of iron in your diet. A woman may be anaemic due to inadequate folic acid in her body and heavy menstruation. It results in low haemoglobin production. Due to less Haemoglobin, less oxygen reaches to hair follicles and other organs of body. Hair follicles tend to break and weaken easily due to lack or lesser amount of oxygen and cause hair fall in women.

  • Menopause

Take better care of your body when facing menopause
As we discussed above, a woman body goes through various phases in her life and lots of changes take place in her body. When she hits menopause, estrogen hormone level gets low in her body and it triggers hair fall. Low hormone level makes the hair and scalp dry that cause hair fall. You need to take special care of your health during this period. You should eat right and use mild shampoo, conditioners and hair chemicals in order to prevent excessive hair fall.

  • Labour

Are you facing hair fall after Delivery?
A woman has to face lots of problems after her delivery and hair fall is one of them. It occurs because, hormonal level go back to its normal phase that increases to peak during pregnancy period. This is like temporary phase of hair fall; you can experience normal hair growth after few weeks of your delivery.

  • Protein Deficiency

Protein Rich Diet is essential as hair is made of Keratin.
No doubt, hair is made of keratin which is a protein. If you are not taking protein rich diet, it can make your hair brittle. When protein depletes from your body, it affects hair and leads to weak strands that fall prematurely.

  • Medications

Side effects of Medications can cause hair loss.
Many women take birth control pills and stop using these pill abruptly that can cause hormonal imbalance. It may bring various side effects to your body such as hair fall. There are many hormonal pills; chemotherapy sessions and other therapies that have a similar effect on body.

  • Extreme Weight Loss

Losing Weight too quickly can affect hair growth adversely.
Losing weight suddenly can affect hair growth adversely. Sometimes crash dieting deprives your body of essential nutrients. It puts restrictions on eating essential or specific food groups that impact growth of hair.

  • Medical Illness

Hypo or hyperthyroidism can cause hair loss.
If you are suffering from any medical illness like thyroid or any auto immune disease, it can cause hair fall problems. Thyroid secrets some hormones like thyroxin end tri-iodothyronines that are required for proper growth and development of hair and body.

  • Any Chronic Medical Condition

Diabetes is responsible for loss of hair in women.
Any acute medical condition like psoriasis, diabetes and many more can cause hair loss. Diabetes adversely affects the circulatory system of body. Less amount of oxygen and nutrients reach to scalp and feet areas due to improper circulatory system. Hair follicle may die due to poor blood circulation in scalp. Psoriasis is also a skin disease that may affect hair follicle and scalp adversely.

  • Physical Stress

Any kind of physical stress can cause hair loss but temporary.
Any kind of physical stress can cause hair fall in women. This may include severe illness, accident, surgery, flu and many more. These conditions trigger Telogen effluvium (hair loss type). But this is temporary problem; you can get normal hair growth when your body recovers with the physical trauma.

Hair loss seems like a prominent problem in women. While shedding 30-40 strands in a day is normal, but more than this can lead serious issue. Better to get yourself checked for conditions that are causing hair fall problem.


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