10 Skin Care Tips for working women

Women nowadays have to manage both families as well as work and in such a state taking care of oneself becomes a very important task.  In everyday stress and balancing the work-life what goes into a toll is taking care of her skin.  Due to any reason, the nutritional balance disrupted and a healthy glow on the skin thus vanishes from a working women's face.

Here are 10 skincare tips for working women.

1. Maintain a proper night routine for your skin

For any skin that works to be healthy a proper skin regime should be followed. For a night routine maintain the 3 norms of cleaning scrubbing and moisturizing. Use an alcohol-free paraben free and SLS free product washing and scrubbing your face at night. The moisturizer that you put on your face at night should have Hyaluronic acid works on cell rejuvenation.


2.  Have a balanced diet

A proper diet reflects on the skin.  Hence a diet rich in vitamin E can immediately show results your skin glow and feel healthy. Citrus fruits, tomato, and yogurt are very good for the skin.


3. Facial exercise

For healthy skin-toned muscle is very important.  Hence facial exercises contribute to the wholesome effect. There are many facial exercises and give you a slimmer skin.  As you exercise the blood circulation in the face is pumped up and thus the glow is revealed on the surface.


4. Water intake

Healthy skin is indeed a blessing and to have it you have to be toxin-free.  Water helps in dissolving the toxins of the body and thus gives a clear complexion. Everyday liters of water intake is a must.


5. Freshen up your skin at intervals

One of the very skin tips that are a very effective drain the skin with rose water every 2 hours.  This will help your skin feel hydrated as well as freshen up. You can also mix aloe-vera with rose water are healthy glowing skin spray.


6. Deep cleansing face pack

It is very important to unlock the dirty paws of your face and does give your skin a healthy look.  Deep cleansing is thus unavoidable.  To make this face pack use ingredients like almond Multanimitti, papaya and chickpea flour to make a smooth paste.  Apply this over your face and keep it till dry. Later wash it off with lukewarm water. Doing this once a week will make a lot of difference in the appearance of your skin.


7. Acne-free skin

If you have a lot of acne on your skin then it is always healthy over the counter products by your doctor or dermatologist.  Home remedies like aloe-vera gel tea tree oil can work well on face acne.


8. Make sure you do not put your fingers or hands on your face often.

The reason is that if you touch your skin often with your hand's area or germs on your hand gets easily transferred on your skin which makes dirty and prone to being affected with zits.


9. Use sunscreen

Discuss the sun can have a damaging effect on the skin especially because of the UV exposure that contributes to aging visible signs of it.  Wearing the proper sunscreen can prevent your skin from being dull damaged and aged.


10. Wash your makeup brushes

Foreskin to stay healthy use clean makeup brushes while applying makeup.  This is because when you touch your skin with dirty makeup brushes the skin tends to have bacterial growth on it and does it gets damaged.  Also do not forget to remove your makeup before you go to bed.


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