6 Mobile apps to make your life easy

Smartphone has already become an inevitable part of everyone’s life and it is something that everyone uses several times a day. Your mobile phone is the best mode to work, play and communicate. Smartphone allows you to do a lot more than just making and receiving calls. You can make payments, shop online, book your movie or railway tickets, search for food joints or pubs and a lot more. All you have to do is to install some useful mobile apps to unlock the full potential of your Smartphone. Yes, you can make your life easy by installing and using these mobile apps

If you have relocated to entirely new city then these mobile apps can help you lot from finding accommodation to chefs. Here are some common apps that we have listed below; you can use these apps to make your life easy at the entirely new city:


Relocating to entirely new place can be stress inducing, but luckily we have the app called “Commonfloor” that can make finding a property/flat/apartment available for rent easily. If you don’t have time to visit all the flats or home personally, Commonfloor helps you a lot. You can conduct house search online before moving to new city. This app helps you search property for rent in almost all cities of India. There are millions of property buyers and sellers listed on this app. You can find flat for rent at your desired location and budget without visiting these flats personally. You can also get the contact details of the seller and negotiate the rent prices. How easy the entire process of finding a property for rent in the new city has become. Thanks to this latest technology and smartphone.


Once you shift in a new flat, you might realize the requirement of furniture and home decor stuff to fill up the empty and extra spaces in your flat. You need not to go to market and search for the furniture. You just have to download the app called “Furlenco”. This is India’s largest and first furniture rental company that helps you find furniture online. This app helps make furnishing your flat easy, quick and affordable process


This app is like 1 app for all mobile applications. This is the India’s largest personal assistant application with more than two millions downloads. It offers timely suggestions, helps and the reminder about important things such as phone recharge, cab booking, shopping, and food order, find good deals, discount codes, and coupons, get personalized news, billing information and much more.


This is the best app that offers the simplest mode to find out and hire genuine professionals for your personal and household needs. You can look for professional service providers like electricians, chefs, plumbers and much more.


This mobile app holds great potential for the people settling in an entirely new place. This is the India’s largest e-commerce platform and mobile payment platform. It offers a facility to hold the fund in Paytm wallet and use for paying cab fare, electricity bill, mobile recharge, etc. From proving facility to quick shopping to bill payment, it does all for the people who use this app.

WDF (WeDESI Flavours)

You can download this app on your android phone. You can order food using this app. You will get healthy and nutritious food by WDF. You can also customize your order on this app and submit it. The fresh and hygienic food will be delivered at your home.

So, you can get a great help by installing the relevant apps in your Smartphone. You can track your calories intake, book cabs, read books and much more. Make wise use of Smartphone to make your life better.


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