Automation and AI, Creating Or Killing jobs?

You may have heard the buzz about the automation or artificial intelligence (AI) killing jobs. But, it is only one part of the story. What you are not aware of is that the AI can create more jobs in the coming year. Everyone focuses on the job losses that have the potential to make it into the headlines. Reports showcase the negative aspect but do not refer the positive news. Artificial intelligence can transform the workplace to make it more productive and efficient. Every company can use the automation successfully to enable the human workforce. It does not replace the workforce, empowers it by enhancing the speed, efficiency, and productivity. So, how is it possible? Read ahead to know more information about it.

Replaces Unskilled Jobs

The unskilled jobs face threat due to automation. Unskilled jobs do not require any special skill set. So, the automation can eliminate some jobs. But, it can create different jobs that require new skill sets. Therefore, employees with good training can only acquire jobs. It is only developed with good preparations ad the penchant to adapt to the requirements.

New Responsibilities

If you are an employee whose job does not include repetitive tasks, then you may not lose it. The AI automation can only replace the repetitive and monotonous jobs. So, you can focus on new responsibilities that utilize human capabilities. It will make your skill set important as the AI cannot deliver responsibilities that need human skills. The lack of well-trained professionals to control and direct the AI of a company can hinder with business growth. Therefore, making yourself proficient with the latest skills can make you a valuable asset to the company.

Spread Your Knowledge Base

The AI can certainly perform more tasks compared to the humans. But, you need to have the willingness to broaden your horizons. You cannot restrict your willingness to learn as it can put your job at risk. So, you need to have the ability to develop new skills that can make your role significant in the place of employment. The advantage is, you keep yourself updated with the skill sets to make you more proficient.

Manage Interpersonal Skills

The automation can only acknowledge certain concerns of your workplace. But, understand that the machine cannot replace the ability of human judgment. So, only humans can manage the interpersonal relations perfectly. The software can only speed up the work. But, you can make use of the data provided by the AI to make better decisions. Instead of relying on your experience and gut instinct, you can use the automation to make a better judgment. So, it improves productivity.

Delve Into Intricate Details

The AI can think out-of-the-box, but it cannot deal with the small nuances of the problem. it is only possible for a human mind. Therefore, the machine can find a new pattern and you can optimize it for better results in the workplace.It is true that the automation can cut several jobs. But, remember it only cuts the mundane jobs. In order for an automated workplace to reach business goals, it needs people who can manage it effectively. Therefore, training for the new skillsets ca come in handy to make your significance known in the workplace.


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