Best honeymoon destinations in the world

Marriage is a union between two souls. There is a lot of joy and mirth enveloping this union. The celebrations go on like the most joyous festivities that the couples have planned for a long time. When it comes to marriages the celebrations always have a perfect arrangement it is seen that everything is up to the mark. In such a state when the couple the immediate question arises about the world honeymoon destination that they want to go for their honeymoon. When it comes to honeymoon couples often want to select places that have a pristine natural view, have great scenic beauty filled with various sightseeing options. For a few couples however they want to relax and do they choose a place that has great resorts and can be a fun relaxing point. If you are still confused as to where to go, then here are listed some of the best honeymoon destinations in the world.


1) Paris


As known Paris is known as the city of romance and what better place could be for honeymoon. Paris is replete with natural beauty and there is a magic about the air. You can spend a beautiful romantic dinner at a cafe near the Eiffel Tower and the very next day you can go for beautiful sightseeing for the Eiffel Tower. Also, there are many boutique restaurants and cafes and small art galleries that depict the art and culture of Paris. This tour will not only be memorable but will be enriched from a cultural point of view as well.


2) Mexico


This North American country will surprise you at every door. With marvelous white sand beaches, beautiful coastal resorts, and great cuisine of Mexico will welcome you with grace and happiness. Mexico can make a great honeymoon destination for a couple’s destination or are looking for some nice travel abroad. Also the Mexican snack and bear is a must-try!


3) Mauritius


This is place is again ideal for a honeymoon destination. You can take a tour of the islands of Aux Cerfs, the wonderful scenic beauty will capture you in awe. Here the Lagoon is green in color and is known as the very famous Emerald Lagoon. You can opt for many water activities and adventure sports at this place. Also, you can go for sightseeing in the North Island and Port Louis and take a look at their geographical wonder. Mauritius is Dreamland for honeymooners. Do not forget to pack your beach wears.


4) Australia


Australia is a place that has diverse natural beauty and wildlife. So if you are interested to get a personal one on one account with nature and wildlife then this is the place for you. From the Pinnacles to the Ningaloo reef, the great Kings Canyon, and of course the famous Great Barrier Reef, Australia is replete with various options.


5) Maldives


Another great honeymoon destination abroad is the Maldives. The breath-taking water body will make every honeymoon couples wonder in surprise.  The Maldives is a very small place with islands and beautiful colored water with the corals and the water life at its most natural self.  In the Maldives, you can put up in pristine resorts and enjoy the view that nature has to present you.  From Malaysia airport, you are transferred by private Jet or such water boats to your respective resorts. You can also book sightseeing for a day and tour in the city.

The local cuisine has great seafood platters that will soothe your taste buds.


6) Greece


Whenever it comes to Greece people often imagine those white Pristine resorts and a vast water body at the front with the sun going down.  This Marvellous picture can only be possible in Santorini Greece.  Athens is also a very royal and ancient city that is a must-visit when you plan to travel to Greece.  Athens is filled with ancient Heritage and architecture video of an era of bygone kings.  For Shoppers, you can go on a lazy stall in one of the alleys of such City and by like Evil eye bracelets for Evil eye wall hangings which are very famous in Greece.


7) Thailand


One of the most happening Asian countries, Thailand is one of the top attractions for honeymoon couples.  the city of Bangkok in Thailand offers a huge number of sightseeing options from the great Grand Palace the Sunday market which is one of the world's greatest weekend markets  Bangkok has it all.  You can also go for the Safari World Bangkok which is a close and personal encounter with the wildlife experience which is worth every penny.  From Bangkok, you can also have a way to other places like Pattaya or Phuket.  Phuket is a wonderful place where you can witness islands and beautiful water bodies.  An adventurous canoeing experience to the home Island would be a great idea for couples who want to enjoy some loan time in a most exotic location.  So in Thailand, you have great options for shopping in the night markets to floating markets and taste street food.  Thailand has many pubs and restaurants that will cater to your taste buds.


8) Switzerland


Last but not least in this best destination for honeymoon list,  Switzerland is one place that is always a dream for every newlywed couple when they are fixing a destination for their honeymoon.  Switzerland is the land of Magic and Mystery.  From lush green pastures and splendid snow-clad mountains with the quiet villages of Switzerland, it is a breathtakingly beautiful place indeed. Visit the Mount Titlis places like Zurich to get the feel of Switzerland. Do not forget to buy Swiss watches and taste Swiss chocolates.

Make your honeymoon a memorable period with your spouse and visit the best places in the world. So all the newly married couples select a great destination from the above list and enjoy the happiest phase of your life. The world awaits you to make the memories of your new beginning. So make them in the best Honeymoon places in the world.


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