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Gifts, Messages and Cakes for Birthday

Hasn’t gift giving been always one of the crucial aspects of any reason to celebrate? Well birthdays are always special, and they call out for all kinds of merry making that you have always wanted to do. As friends and family, it only makes more sense to express your affection and love when it is in the form of any gift. Be it cards, flowers, lovely messages oreven baking that cake and showcasing your affection for the person in concern.

Let’s talk about yummy and everyone’s favourite B’day Cakes:

Birthday cakes are always the quintessential item. Did you know cakes have evolved these days? Well, from the traditional round birthday cake with a candle in the middle is what we are used to waking up in the middle of the night?Surprise birthday parties with people busting through the front door with a brilliant novelty has become a tradition like for most of us. Amplifying the fun and taking it up a notch is just another cherry among all other cherries on that cake.Be it an order from the home baker who bakes novelty cakes in all forms and items, you can actually customise it and add fondant products which are edible too.

 Cake for the travel lovers:

If your friend or family loves say travelling, you can add these tiny suitcases and a passport made out of fondant that can grace the cake. Icing apart, you can definitely make it more personal and beautiful with all the items which just make it stand out.Regular cakes do not have that now, do they?

Try photo cake for women as they love their beautiful pictures:

Photo cakes have ruled the market for ages, and it is never going out of fashion. Be it kids or adults, everyone loves personalised photo cakes. Even though the price could be slightly higher, but hey, it’s their birthday!

Some amazing birthday Messages for Girls and people close to your heart:

Moreover, writing pretty messages and wishes never goes out of fashion. If you are friends and family, you can always convey all kinds of messages which are funny and adorable at the same time. If it is a special birthday such as someone reaching a milestone, say 25 or even 80, you could totally opt for those beautiful tiered cakes which are pretty and can be layered in multiple flavours so that everyone has something that they love.

  • You have turned to 30 but you still look cute 16. May you get better year by year and keep inspiring us. Happy Birthday to the most charming lady on this planet
  •  Happy Birthday Dear Mom, You are world to all of us, without you we can’t imagine a day. Thanks for being with us always.

Some birthday Messages for travel and adventure lovers:

  • May you have fun filled year ahead with lots of travel trips and adventurous experiences as the all interesting places of the world waiting for you!
  • Happy Birthday to the most special and weird person of this world…
  • Nothing can me more overwhelming than celebrating your birthday as this is the most special day for all of us. We are blessed to have you in our lives. May you have the happy and content life ahead and your wishes get fulfilled.

Some Wonderful Gift Ideas:

Flowers never go out of fashion as a gifting option. Most of the time we face a dilemma as to what should be gifted to the birthday person, in case you are not aware of their likes or dislikes, and you can always choose flowers. They are fresh and beautifully organised which makes them as beautiful as the person. Get in touch with your local flower shop so that they can customise and built a design from scratch and you can even add a couple of theirfavourite chocolates to the same. Edible bouquets, who would have thought of that,?Gift giving is always a challenge. If that bothers you too much you can always pick out an e-voucher and give it to them such that they can redeem it later for something they have always wished to purchase from that online wish list. It doesn’t have to get complicated you know!People love receiving gifts on their birthdays as gifts make them feel special and valued by the people around them. You should try some gifts like:

  • Bouquet, teddy and cake combo (Gift for Girlfriend)
  • Personalized coffee mug /calendar/photo frame (Best Gift for parents)
  • A nice and sweet mini or midi dress (for friend/younger sister/sister in law)
  • Jewellery, Gift card, clothing (Mother, aunties, friends)
  • Belt, mobile case, gadget, smart watch, travel bags, watch (For guys)

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