BJP Manifesto 2019 Vs Congress Manifesto2019

It was on April 2nd that Congress first launched their Manifesto 2019 under the label 'Congress will deliver' (Hum Nibhaengey), focusing at financial aspect of the country. Emphasis on financial turnaround by coming up with NYAY for the needy poor and all such things. Since there are hardly any time left before the election starts in certain parts of India, everyone were eagerly waiting to check what the ruling party BJP has up it's sleeves.

With the today's declaration of the Manifesto from BJP, the real battle of 2019 elections has begun with full steam. BJP tries to address all the crucial issues it is supposed to stand for and believes in. Right from Ram Mandir, Article 370 & National Security issues to the Farmers, Traders, Healthcare, Tax reforms for boosting the economy the party is trying to address all such issues in order to cover wide range of voters under it's umbrella. The manifesto has been titled as 'Sankalp Patra ' (Determined & Empowered India) where the party assures that it will implement it on returning back to power.

Senior leaders on the dais reiterated today about their ambitious marching plans to 2022 and listed some 75 points they like to highlight for attracting the voters to vote for them. With this Manifesto 2019, BJP tries to sharpen it's edge by taking care of the sentiments of it's loyal workers, where the Ram Mandir issue is at the very core of their hearts. Since the recent Pulwama Attack, our National Security issue is very hot amongst the people of India. The party wants to capture the feeling of nationality and use it to their advantage by presenting themselves as the most authentic rashtrabhakt party amongst all. The Modi style of functioning giving full freedom to the Army and conducting surgical and air strikes and then boosting the morale of the jawans sends positive signals to people by large. This style is definitely a major shift from the way govt functioned earlier.

BJP manifesto has all the flavours which is needed to make it a hit amongst the masses. Their grand healthcare plans talk of having 1.5 lakh health and welfare centre along with 75 medical colleges including PG and bringing up tele-medicine and diagnostic laboratory facilities at Health and Wellness Centres latest by 2022. Giving importance to the rural growth the party talks of Rural road up-gradation program and promises to build 60k kilometers of national highways in next 5 years. Promises of house and electricity to all poor households, pension scheme to all small and marginal farmers etc. is going to raise the party's prospects higher, no doubts about it. The manifesto also talks of an ambitious program of 'Nal se Jal' by 2024 by bringing water thru pipes and touch life of each and every household in the country.

On the other hand Congress talks of reducing the numbers of armed forces in Kashmir as they believe it is the presence of forces that is suffocating people there. The party has always supported article 370 and 35A and hence it will not make it ineffective if it comes to power. It also promises to repeal the sedition laws and relax provision for using AFSPA and reduce the immunity granted to Armed forces under this provision. Such stand may prove to be controversial for the party as BJP will do all efforts to highlight it in masses and the people of India may not buy congress theory in totality. Congress however also talks of separate budget for Farmers and to fill 22lakhs of vacancies that it claims to be vacant posts under Government.

Both BJP and the Congress have tried to give their best to impress upon the electorate and pull them towards their party. Both the parties more or less are projecting the same thing using different ideologies and path. Now it is the Janta who has to respond to their logic based on their credibility past work done and the results delivered etc. At times local factors may play an influencing role to certain extent, however it is the reputation of the party as a whole and the candidate from the party seeking votes that helps voters to make their choices. Manifestos do play vital role in making the right impact on the people but it is not the only thing that will tilt the balance in the favour of any party specifically. Argument and counter arguments are being ranted in the air in the print as well as tv, electronic and social media however everything will come to stand still once the date 23rd may reaches and the results are announced. Let's hope for the best and may the best party with the best candidates win and take our country to the next level. May India be the Developed Nation soon where everyone has a good job and live a prosperous life. May the Golden era of our country begin very soon.


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