China's CPEC may increase geopolitical tensions for India and Pakistan

Now, China is very ambitious regarding its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Under this, it has decided to build a CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor). For this CPEC project, China is planning to use the land in Pak Occupied Kashmir. As per UN reports, this act of China may fuel up geopolitical tensions between India and Pakistan.

India has also expressed its concern on this step of China. India has boycotted the BRI summit held last week in Beijing. As per India, this step of China may increase the tensions between two nations and may cause political instability. India is continuously facing problems due to this issue and is trying its best to sort out the matters. But this step taken by China may be responsible for making the situations worse.

China has requested UN to generate this report. As per the UN report, the separatist movement in Balochistan province in Pakistan and also the instability in Afghanistan may hamper this CPEC development. Though, CPEC is planned to increase trade among India, Pakistan, Iran and China, but still it may give rise to many geopolitical issues.

On the other hand, there is a very small area of cultivable land in western Pakistan as it is mountainous region. If CPEC is approved, it will cover this area as well and it will lead to relocation of local minorities who are practicing agriculture in this area.

There are many such major and minor issues mentioned in reports by UN regarding CPEC development by China. India is constantly expressing its disagreement to this approach of China. Let us see what happens.


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