COVID-19 Virus | Full information

Corona Virus is creating havoc all over the world breaking all past records of death in such epidemics. SARS was the last most dangerous one but current Coronavirus has long surpassed it and crossing more than 3500 mark of deaths due to it.


Information so far clearly indicate that the virus originated from China due to the eating habits of Chinese people. Infected animals caused the spread of the virus which is believed to have come from bats, snakes and such animals which people in china eat in the normal course.


1) What is a coronavirus?

Corona Virus also is known as COVID-19 in technical terminology. It causes illness related to respiratory, cold, fever and more severe disease symptoms. The virus was found in its recent avatar in Wuhan, China at the beginning of Jan 2020. The Virus is very dangerous as it is spreading very fast all across the world causing havoc all over.


2) What is a novel coronavirus?

As suggested by the name itself, the virus strains have just been discovered very recently. Denoted as nCoV (Novel Corona Virus), the infection takes place from animals to humans. For our information SARS CoV came from cats to people whereas and MERS CoV was from dromedary (Arabian) camels. There is a large number of coronaviruses which exists in animals but not yet known as it has not yet caused any infection.


3) Can humans become infected with a novel coronavirus of animal source?

Yes as per the published evidence the virus source is the bat. People consuming bat must have got infected and thus the virus spread.


4) What are the symptoms of someone infected with a coronavirus?

It shows up as normal cold and cough & high fever and then slowly takes over the immune system.


5) Protection

Basic protection is through maintaining cleanliness, being away from eating such infected animals and their eggs or any such things.


6) Can coronaviruses be transmitted from person to person?

Yes, it is very contagious and spreads thru contact, thru air that you breathe and any such things that are the reason infected people are quarantined immediately as soon as they are diagnosed. Doctors and other health support staff are maintaining their safety by covering themselves well in order to prevent themselves from person to person contact.


7) Is there a vaccine for a novel coronavirus?

There’s no authentic direct medicine or vaccine to cure novel coronavirus brought to light so far.


8) Is there a treatment for a novel coronavirus?

Treatment is mainly focused on maintaining the immune system and increasing the power to fight that virus by our bodies internally.


9) What can I do to protect myself?

Keep your hands clean, especially before eating or putting your hands in the mouth or in eyes, nose, ears etc. Be away from suspected people having cold/ cough or any such symptoms.


10) Are health workers at risk from a novel coronavirus?

Yes, they are very much at risk while providing services to their patients. But since they are bound by the commitment to save each patient brought to them as per their professional ethics.


11) What WHO recommendations for countries?

WHO is very actively involved in containing the coronavirus spread over the Globe. Starting from recommending the mandatory prevention steps to create awareness about giving details of the symptoms. Regular washing of hands, cleanliness upkeep on general basis plus putting masks to cover mouth and nose, being careful while sneezing or coughing in public and more such things.



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