The business growth in India, is raising high demands for the trained manpower in the various industries here. Huge population who are unskilled, are generally unemployed as they are of no use to any business setup, unless they are duly trained for any skill.

The huge deficit of such skilled manpower and lack of viable government infrastructure has given immense opportunities for teachers, tuition bureaus, private Institutes, schools and colleges to multiply and expand with unlimited potential. Rise of many academic institutes like NIIT, Aptech, IACM, Jetking etc. during the past few years have been great live examples. They grew from small setup to a corporate sector.

Similarly Medical, Engineering & MBA colleges also mushroomed all over the country. The demand gave birth to many private institutes preparing the students for such courses. Even these small institutes grew very big. Delhi and Kota became hub of such training centers, where students from all over the places come and train themselves. On the same pattern there are education institutes preparing students for IAS & other union service jobs.

The improvement in Internet communication system brought online training system using multimedia capabilities, facilitating students from even remote areas, to attend a live training class by a reputed teacher of any subject.

Distance education have been there for quite sometime, but online education gave real life experience to the students. Not all subjects could be taught under the distance education system but courses like MBA, Teacher’s training (BEd,), non-science normal & post graduation (MA, Mcom, BA, Bcom, BBA etc.) could be very well conducted using distance education.

Courses such as BSc, MSc, Btech etc. that involve laboratory & practical however require to be done with physical intervention only. Education should be spread as a movement to make each and every individual literate at least in terms of reading & writing as well as with some job skill.

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