AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) has planned to introduce a pattern for engineering students nation-wide for the betterment of students and to polish the status of engineering studies. It is stated that students who are pursuing their final year of engineering examination, will have to pass GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) examination. Previously, after taking admission, engineering students would only take exams semester wise to clear their B.Tech Graduation. Government has felt an urgent need of implementing GATE exams as the criteria to pass Engineering Graduation. With the constant feedback and falling employment rate, AICTE has decided to introduce this method in the upcoming sessions. Though the idea is still in papers, the government is making up its mind to apply it mandatory this for various reasons.

The reasons for this action are:

  • Distorted status of technical studies
  • Declining employment among engineering students is a big reason behind this step. Approximately 20-30% of engineering students are unable to find employment in our country, where every year around 7,00,000 students complete their engineering examination from 3,000 engineering colleges.
  • Making students efficient with all kinds of proficiency and expertise in their field

It is more like a ‘common employability test’ for every government and private university or college. This ‘Exit Exam’ is going to be very important because the student’s score in this exam will further be shared with their future employers, be it government or private job.

With the application of this action, this ‘Exit Test’ will cover everything students have studied so far. This test will encompass similar syllabus as well as pattern. The students would be preparing every topic since beginning to the final year syllabus.

Once a student clears or passes this test along with final year examination, will only be considered B.Tech Graduate. And if someone fails, he will have to clear this test next year. As the country is developing in the field of science and technology, the government has decided to take initiative to improve and uplift the level of engineering and technical studies in the country. According to the officials, the technical education system should be polished for better results and satisfaction among engineering graduates regarding jobs and further studies. The implementation of this action will definitely bring positive results. The institutes and colleges will play an important role to help regulate and encourage GATE exam among students.

The major step taken here will ensure benefits like

  • The concerned authority will be able to make students confident about their expertise, competence and other technical abilities other than their theoretical knowledge.
  • It will be an evaluation for engineering and technical colleges and their teaching methods.
  • It will detect the loop holes as well as various measures.

Hence, the documented step is all set to be implemented; it is the responsibility of College and University Authority to spread the awareness and its importance among students to make it a success for the betterment of future engineers.


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