History of Birthdays | Reason of Birthday Celebration

Birthdays are always a reason that calls for celebration. Be it adults or children, it is always a reason that brings about every loved one in and around for a firebrand of celebration. But why do we celebrate birthdays at all? Where did the tradition originate from?

The idea of celebrating the birthday is actually a pagan tradition. Although, it is related to paganism and has historically been avoided by Christians as a whole, the tradition has been picked up several others for the mere joy of it. Pagans believed that evil spirits lurk around when there are major changes in the life, birthdays being one of them. Idea of celebrating the date of birth is in fact a pagan tradition.

As birthdays originated from the Greek Tradition, it was customary to burn candles to drive away the negative forces, or the Pagan forces in general. Greeks believed that every person has a soul and that is closet to the gods. The relationship is supposed to be mystical and special. The celebration originated to celebrate the union and existence of the mystical forces.

The celebrations commence with the birthday person blowing away the candles. The candles are supposed to be filled with wishes and prayers which when blown out, fill the atmosphere with positive energy and communicate the prayers to the gods who live in the skies.

The birthday song is one of the most common and popular songs which ensures that the people sing along, and the resonance makes the environment go happy and beautiful. Even if it is a copyright law that prevents performances in the public podium, it still is one of the go-to tunes to sing as the cake is being cut.

Exchanging presents and gifts are a custom and it has been as such for a very long time. Different kinds of cakes have made their way into birthday celebrations which is one of a kind. Be it round cakes or square cakes or just tiered cakes, photo cakes, ice-cream cakes or even novelty cakes, it just gets better over the years.

Common birthdays are even better. Did you know most of the world celebrates their birthday on the October 5 th ? Well, if stats are to be believed, it can be a lot of other days too. Nevertheless, May 22 nd is considered one of the least common birth dates in the world. All you need to focus on is celebrating your day just right the way you want it to.


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