How to do a work out at home?

Staying healthy and fit is the need of the hour. But, with countries around the world imposing a lockdown or similar restriction, it becomes difficult for you to go to a gym. Is it possible to exercise effectively even without visiting the gym? With a few tips, you can work out effectively without any sophisticated exercise machine. You just need the right attitude as well as guidance for it. With simple tweaks to your daily routine, you can include some effective methods to keep yourself fit and fine. So, what do you need to keep in mind?

Here are a few tips:

Set A Goal And Choose Inspiration

Most people struggle to complete their workout at home due to a lack of inspiration and feeling down. So, take a different approach and set a goal. Never set something impossible. You can find your inspiration by choosing workout videos on YouTube that comes in the form of challenges or ask your friends to join with you via social media platforms. Such inspiration can help you reach short-term or long-term goals by working out at home.

Create A Exclusive Fitness Space

Having your fitness space with the equipment or accessories you have can motivate you to workout. It also helps you feel in control. So, keep your rolled-up yoga mat, weights, resistance bands, or foam roller. The exclusive space aids in staying focused and minimizes any distractions. 

Develop Exercise Plan

For keeping you fit, you need to incorporate at least 150 minutes of cardio throughout the week. You can replace moderate cardio with 75 minutes of intense cardio a week or combine both. Including strength training at least two or more days a week offers good results. So, you can include the following exercise:

  • Moderate Cardio: Dancing, Brisk Walking, Cycling.
  • Intense Cardio: Fast cycling, Running, or brisk walking.
  • Strength Training: Activities using resistance. Use bottles filled with water when weights are not available.

You can see YouTube videos that can encourage you to walk, run, dance, or perform resistance training in your designated work out space.

Have A Plan B

When you work out at home, you can face setbacks. The possibility of skipping a workout or feeling tired to complete the exercise is expected. In such cases you need a plan B. If you are feeling down or have no energy, then you can take a break. But, always watch what you eat throughout the day. Taking a break does not mean you have to eat during the day. Try to move all day. Complete your chores that require manual labor like cleaning, washing, or gardening. Sleep well at night and fresh the next day with a positive mindset.

Is it possible to work out at home? It is possible when you put a little time and effort into the task. You can see results like the gym workout. You just need inspiration and a positive mindset to make the effort. With the danger due to coronavirus, it is better to work out safely at home and maintain social distancing without compromising your fitness.

You can also try some stress-relieving yoga positions at you home.


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