How to take care of your skin and hair in this Holi season?

How to take care of your skin and hair in this Holi season?

Holi is the most beautiful festival of colors. It is celebrated widely in India. There are various ways of celebrating it in different parts of the country. However, use of colour and water is common in all celebrations. Members of family colour each other with colourful Gulal and exchange the greetings. This festival is celebrated in spring season. This festival is celebrated as a way of expressing happiness as most of the farmers harvest their crops in spring season.But nowadays natural colors are hardly available. People use synthetic colors to play Holi. Most of them experience some irritation and allergies after playing Holi. To avoid these types of side effects, we should take preventive measures to safeguard our skin and hair during and post Holi.Here, we will be discussing about few home remedies to be used as preventive measures to avoid allergic symptoms and enjoy this festival to the fullest.

Care to be taken before Holi

Apply a good moisturizer on your skin before playing Holi. This will prevent penetration of chemicals into your skin.

Apply sunscreen of SPF of 30 or more. It is good if the sunscreen is water proof. This will protect your skin from water and harmful sun rays.

While playing Holi, we avoid or forget drinking water. This causes dehydration. Dehydration has immediate effect on skin and makes the skin dry and itchy. So, keep yourself hydrated by consuming good amount of water or juices.

You also need to protect your hair as well. Your hairs come in contact with water and color while playing Holi. You should apply coconut oil on your hair before playing with colors. This will create a layer on your hair strands and will help in maintaining the texture of your hair. If possible, you should also cover your hair with a bandana.

Also apply some oil on parts of your body where colour settles down easily, such as in your nails, behind your ears, etc.

Avoid wearing contact lenses, while playing with colors.

Care to be taken while playing Holi

Avoid sitting in sun for long, while you colour applied on your skin.

Avoid playing with hard and harsh colours. Always use red or Pink Gulal.

Care to be taken after playing with colors

Clean your hair properly with conditioner and mild shampoo.

Clean your skin using a mild cleanser. Do not use scrub and do not rub your face.

While using scrub cream, be gentle.

You must avoid facial and clean ups for at least a week after playing with colours.

Avoid using turpentine, petrol or other solvents to get rid of colour. You may use glycerine instead.

Just follow these few tips and have a blast on this Holi. Enjoy this colour of festival to the fullest and do take care of yourself.


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