Interesting Facts About Major Dyanchand

When Akshay Kumar's Gold released in India on August 15th, everyone was comparing the like of the bold hero of the story with Major Dhyan Chand. Major Dhyan Chand is the greatest hockey player of all time whose scoring ability was appreciated worldwide. The wizard of Indian hockey put the country on the spotlight by winning three consecutive Olympics gold (1928, 1932, and 1936). India has recognized the brilliance of the player by celebrating his birthday (29th August) as the National Sports Day in the country. Several interesting facts are available on the greatest hockey player. One of the most interesting facts is his defining defiance against Adolf Hitler. The fictional story of Indian hockey team winning the gold as a free nation has incorporated the iconic moment from the 1936 Olympics. Before venturing into the interesting fact, read ahead to know more about the greatest hockey play 


Major Dhyan Chand born in 1905 in Allahabad (British India) joined the army at an age of 16. He started playing hockey after joining the Indian Army. His actual name is Dhyan Singh, but his teammates called him Chand (moon). It is due to the fact that he used to practice hockey at night under the moonlight. Several interesting stories depict the brilliance of the player. One such story is about the game in which Dhyan Chand was unable to score a goal against the team. After several unsuccessful attempts, Dhyan Chand was able to understand the problem. He argued with the referee about the wrong measurement of the goal post. It was later found that the width of the goal post measurements never complied with the International rules. The player known as the wizard was well-appreciated in the international circles. So, to respect the player, residents of Vienna have erected a statue of the great player. The statue depicting Dhyan Chand with four hands and four hockey stick honours the great player. Once during the visit to the Netherlands, the officials broke Dhyan Chand’s hockey stick to check for magnets. It shows the control of the player with the ball.

The Guts To Defy The Dictator

The most memorable and interesting event that shows the guts of the wonderful player is well-discussed in movies as well as the movie (Gold). Dhyan Chand has not only the skill and mesmerize the crowd, but also had the guts to dare the Fuehrer in Germany. The book Olympics: The India Story provides information on the event that unfolded in the 1936 summer Olympics, which will increase your respect towards the hockey player ten-fold. The book by Boria Majumdar as well as Nalin Mehta relives how the rustic players made an astounding statement.The book narrates the tale starting from the opening of the Olympics when the Indian team carrying the flag refused to salute Adolf Hitler. Only two countries refused to salute the Fuehrer, which caused an uproar among the crowd. It caused a stir among the people in Germany. But, Major Dhyan Chand’s team started the Olympics with a defeat. The game made a huge impact on the players. Chand has mentioned the unexpected defeat as one of the most unforgettable moments in his life.Chand and his team derived inspiration from the game to perform well in the next matches. The team reached the finals undefeated to face Germany again. You have to note that to reach the finals, Chand and his team played exceptionally well. It is evident in the goals scored by the team against the other countries. In the finals, Chand scored three goals leading his team to victory against Germy (8-1). It is said that Adolf Hitler left the match midway as he was unable to see his team losing.

Aftermath Of The Game

Adolf Hitler mesmerized by the game invited Chand to Germany. He offered Chand the Field Marshal post in Germany. But, Dhyan Chand stood firm and conveyed to the dictator that he was an Indian and will always remain so. It is one of the greatest moment in history as a player from India has the guts to decline the post offered by the dictator.Dhyan Chand is the name synonymous with Indian hockey. The player is known for the dexterous ball control and adept stick work. His amazing skill has left players as well as opponents awestruck.


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