Is test tube baby process dangerous for women health?

Test tube baby or In Vitro Fertilization is an effective way of assisted reproductive technology which helps women to become pregnant. It includes treating and fertilizing the eggs outside the body and then replacing it in a female’s uterus.

In Vitro Fertilization, many unhappy couples were privileged and enjoy the parenthood that the long for. The doctors and Specialists have made it possible for couples to have a baby.

But there are risks associated with the test-tube baby. After having and IVF treatment sometimes females may have an allergic effect to the medicinal treatment.

Here are a few viable tight outcomes of IVF treatment:

1.       Females usually complain of nausea and vomiting

2.       Sometimes they have difficulty in breathing and other respiratory issues.

3.       Women also face a mixed feeling of anger and irritability.

4.       Women also complain of a sudden a feeling of warmth over the face neck and chest, which can also cause sweating.

5.       At times it is seen that after IVF treatment women have an overgrowth of ovaries.

6.       Few women find difficult sleeping

7.       They also complain about abdominal pain.

The risk to Mother’s health

In some cases, the medication can affect ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome that is OHSS. This occurs when the ovaries start over-responding to the gonadotropins, which helps many eggs, may develop in the ovaries. Once the doctor finds that OHSS has occurred, he might recommend restarting the complete cycle with a lesser dose of gonadotropin.

Various researchers have found that IVF increases the chances of pulmonary embolism or the obstacle of the lung’s major artery, the venous thromboembolism, or blood clots at the point of the first trimester of the pregnancy.

Miscarriage or pregnancy loss

One of the major causes of miscarriage is it IVF or natural conception is the increasing number of chromosomes known as chromosome aneuploidy. Locating and detecting aneuploidy in the sperm or egg before fetching out of IVF or in the embryo before grafting helps to increase the better chances of being pregnant.

Multiple pregnancies

The chances of multiple pregnancies increase when more than a single embryo has been transferred into the womb. A couple might have twins, triplets, or even more babies during their next pregnancy.

Once having an IVF procedure for conceiving a baby, there are various other risks during their next pregnancy:

·         Preterm delivery or lower weight of the child

·         Increases the chances of developing diabetes in the mother

·         Mother’s blood pressure is at a significant rise


An IVF treatment definitely is a blessing for all those couples who have been dreaming of a child since every long time but due to any medical issue and not able to conceive. But repeating this unnatural process over and over definitely results in few complications and other significant issues. It is always advised to see a doctor order specialist in IVF procedure who would guide the couple through the pros and cons of treatment.


Happy parenting!!!




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