My childhood days | Fishy profit

Fishy profit…

Though the morning was cold
But all our fish had got sold
There were still buyers many
Some waiting patiently, some unruly canny
so going out in the yard I called out to my fishing boys,
Shouting at top of my voice
“Hey, Don’t waste time sitting yapping, burning your lungs smoking
Quick! I need more fish, get your asses rolling, your feet soaking
Outside there’s a huge crowd
Real belligerent and loud
And you all know they are all hard core criminals on remand
And if they get out of hand
I will be left with no choice but to flee
Or you all will see the last of me
so I can’t take a chance
At the moment to keep them amused I think I will have to sing and dance
Meanwhile, you all pull out the nets
But just be careful of those beastly pets
Last time because of one of you’s carelessness
The brats had a feast of my precious fish creating so much of mess
My nets had all got battered
And my poor nerves were shattered
As hundreds of dollars I’d lost
Couldn’t recover even the basic cost
So, Guys! get going fast
Make maximum profit, this is the’ fish on sale ‘season last…

By Anu Saini

My childhood days…

Those memories
Such beautiful memories
So full of frolic and fun
When in the evening we were always on a run
In parks and gardens and hill tops
Catching thieves acting cops
In the hands holding paper guns
With shoe laces undone
Singing ring a ring a roses
Wiping with sleeves our running noses
Bumping laughingly into each other
Paying no heed to calls of mother
Rolling on the grassy ground
All the way down making gurgling sound
We played hide and seek
While counting the seeker taking a peek
We made so much noise
So unlike lady like poise
No hypocritic talks
Giggling and hitting each other when we went on walks
Ran all the home from the park
when it really got dark
Mom did scold us
But that never ever deterred us
The next day it was the same
All set to play the game
Those were some carefree wonder filled days
Etched deep in my memory now, they were my childhood days…

By Anu Saini


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