Does Navratri fast have any scientific benefit for the human body?

Navratri is the time when Hindu devotees worship nine different forms of Goddess Durga. The festival of Navratri falls twice a year. The first Navratri falls during the month of Chaitra paksha and the second Navratri falls during the Shukla Paksha of Kartik month according to the Hindu calendar.

The auspicious festival of Navratri will be started from the 25th of March this year. The devotees follow a particular routine during this festival. There are different kinds of rituals included during this festival but the most important is observing fast during Navratri. According to Hindu mythology observing fast helps us to purify our body and helps us increase our immunity.

During Navratri, there is a change in weather from winters to summers which results in a great deal of progress in our body. This time our body experiences new changes in our digestive system. During the season, the digestion procedure is similarly moderate and that an individual feel dull and lethargic. That is why it is prescribed that regardless of whether do you fast or not but you must go low on nourishment. Another factor is that our body becomes low immunity. If a person happens to take a high-calorie high protein diet during this course of time it can easily make you prone to diseases. Now observing a fast during Navratri helps to detoxify and cleanse the body. It also offers the rest to associated organs. Few health benefits of fasting include filtration of the gastrointestinal tract purging of the organs and helping indigestion. It boosts ups the metabolism. Usually, people complain about the bloating which usually disappears during fasting and helps you lose extra calories.

Advantages of fasting

The celebration of this auspicious festival called Navratri is celebrated twice a year between March to April and September to October. The stress is given on Satvik food items is advisable during this period so that our immune system does not become vulnerable to diseases. Following are you healthy fasting tips which will help you to enjoy your fasting without being bloated

  1. Don’t binge on fried snacks while observing fast for 9 days. The fried snacks are high in salt content which makes the purpose of your fast useless. The real purpose of fast to give your digestive system a break and eating fried stuff will spoil the purpose of fasting. So all we can do is have lots and fruits during the day and stay active.
  2. We must enrich our diet with fiber-rich food like raw banana sweet potatoes coma pumpkin and bottle gourd. This kind of vegetables helps us to satiate our hunger and keep us the full whole day.
  3. Fasting is different from the daily routine that we usually have. This change in our diet creates a different kind of impact on our body and mind so it becomes very important to design our meal. Plan your snacking time and your meals according to the energy intake and levels in your body. One very important factor we should remember is to take 1-hour last meal before sunset that helps us to digest our food and keep us and less bloated.
  4. It is very important to stay hydrated during fasting regular intake of water, fruits, and vegetable juices and low-fat milk will help to maintain a proper level of fluid in the system.
  5. While fasting we forget to take care of our sugar intakes. Too much sweetness is harmful to our body at the same time it doesn’t have any nutritious value. We can utilize this auspicious festival to control our sugar intake and refined sugar that gives us empty calories. We can replace sugar by jaggery honey which is better options up sugar.
  6. It is seen that people usually stop themselves while fasting. Fasting does not mean that we need to starve. Intermittent fasting is recommended but if we starve the whole day, it will result in nothing but weakness, headaches, fatigue, and anemia.
  7. Apart from using flours like buckwheat flour, options like the same rice which is also very healthy and easy to digest.

Navratri fasting can be made simpler by taking care of a few things which can turn this auspicious occasion into lifesaving and healthy living style. All these methods and procedures can help us bring out a healthy personality.


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