New Year 2020

The refreshing dawn of 2020 comes with great hopes and great promises for people looking forward to some great things in life this New Year. All of us always welcome New year with the same excitement and feeling. Some party with friends, some go out with family at hotels, some travel out of town and some do something else. However, this is for sure, everyone does some celebration small or big to welcome their new year.

New year brings an atmosphere of newness in everything and that’s the reason why people want to do something different by either making resolutions or planning some big changes in their lives to achieve something great. It’s nothing but an opportunity for everyone to do something different.

It could be interesting to note, what People think and say about celebrating new year. Many believe that if you celebrate it with happiness, your whole year would be filled with happiness. Whatever you do on the first day of the year, it will get repeated the whole year. Hence lots of people religiously do many things that they want to see in their lives to manifest whole of the year. People with positive outlook will always seek to do something creatively special whereas people with lackluster attitude may just pass time without much thought to it or pass their day just like any other day.

New year changes the calendar year, the month and hence becomes acceptable by large section of people. Many religions have their own calendars, where they have their own new years. They celebrate it in their own community in their own way and traditions.

However, if you think a bit deeply, everyday that we get is a new day and as a gift of God to all of us. Everyday must be celebrated with same enthusiasm, which generally not many do. One must do things to increase human qualities such as helping others, doing good for the environment, doing unconditional services for the society, increase self worth by learning new skills and knowledge that helps people by large. New year must be celebrated with larger goals in mind such as bringing peace, joy and happiness amongst people.

At Dirt-sheet we would like to know how you celebrated your Happy New Year 2020. Do send your posts and share your pictures/ videos etc. Have Fun with responsibility.