Pincha Mayurasana, Savasana, Natarajasana And Their Benefits

Important Yoga aasan and their Benefits Part 5

Pincha Mayurasana

Pincha Mayurasana that derived from the Sanskrit.

Pincha” meaning “Feather

Mayura” meaning “Peacock

Asana” meaning “Posture

It is also called Feather Peacock in English. Pincha Mayurasana Yoga is best in the early morning, but in case you forget an early morning you can do practice yoga in the evening. It has lots of benefits which make it more essential for you to practice every day. But it is necessary that your stomach is empty before you perform this activity or a few hours gap between your last meal and activity.

How to do : First step is lie down on your stomach. Then bend your elbows in that way they come directly under your shoulders, and bring your palms together. Them Lift up your hips upward and move towards your arms closer. After that rise your one leg as much as you can after that pick another one. Stay for few seconds. Keep your head away from the ground and your shoulders are away form ear. Your feet should be perpendicular to the ground. Hold this position as much your body can bear.


1. It helps you to improves your concentration and reduce your stress, mild depression

2. It gives good stretch to your neck, shoulders, chest, belly.

3. It makes your back, shoulders, and arms stronger.


1. Women who are on their Menstruating and pregnant women must avoid this activity.

2. If you are suffering from high blood pressure and heart problem condition please do do this activity.

3. If you have a problem like headache, shoulder, neck, back injury avoid this activity.


Shavasana that derived from the Sanskrit.

Shava” meaning “Corpse

Asana” meaning “Posture

It is also called Corpse Pose in English. Shavasana resembles the posture of a dead body. Whenever you need to relax and rest just do this activity. Concentration is needed in this activity.

How to Do: Just lie down on the floor. Close your eyes and place your leg far apart with your comfort slightly move your arms away from a body and your palms should be in an upward direction. Make sure do not fall asleep during this process.


1. It makes your body more Relaxes and Calms.

2. It helps you to improve your Concentration and Memory and reduce your Blood Pressure And Anxiety

3. It takes your body into a Meditative State and Increases Levels Of Energy

Caution :

1. If your doctor advises not to lie down on your back Do not do this activity.


Natarajasana that derived from the Sanskrit.

Nata” meaning “Dance

Raja” meaning “King

Asana” meaning “Posture

It is also called Lord of the Dance Pose in English. Natarajasana Yoga is best in the morning. But it is necessary that your stomach is empty before you perform this activity or a few hours gap between your last meal and activity.

How to do: First stand straight and raise your arms. After that breathe in and lift your foot in such a way that your heel is placed toward left buttock and your knees bend. Make sure that your body weight placed on right the foot. Push the right thigh into hip joint, and pull kneecap up so that your standing leg is straight and strong. Hold the left foot from outside with left hand, after that press your tailbone to the floor. Extend your left thigh from behind and do parallel to the ground and your right arm stretch forward in such a way that it is parallel to the ground. Hold it for a few seconds and repeat.


1. It helps to make your body flexible and make your mind calms and focus and relieve your stress.

2. It helps you to increase in your metabolism and weight loss. And improves your digestion.

3. It gives a good stretch to your groin, abdominal organs, and thighs.

4. It gives strength to your chest, ankles, hips, and legs.

Caution :

1. If you have low blood pressure avoid this activity.


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