Reality of 72000 rs/year - Nyuntam Aay Yojana (NYAY)

It is the compulsion of vote politics that the parties resort to such populist measures in their election campaigns to attract people to go for them. 72000/ rupees a year is such kind of offer from the Congress party which is hoping to grab the power, the Delhi crown thru this NYAY program.  At the outset it may sound absurd but it is going to value for the needy. As per the understanding given by the congress president in his speeches, it is believed to be meant for people who earn less than12000/- per month. The party will pay them the remaining amount up to Rs. 6000/- on per month basis of their earning to make their earning to be at the acceptable level. Hence anyone who gets 6000/- a month will get paid up to 72000/per year. It's a Master stroke from Rahul Gandhi the Congress president and will definitely make a dent in the vote bank of the ruling party combine.

In the past in 2014, it was alleged by the opposition that the ruling party BJP came to power only due to the wrong promise by the PM candidate Mr. Modi. As per them he promised to get black money from all across the world including the swiss bank accounts and distribute it amongst the citizens of India. The volume is so much so that each account will have almost 15 lakhs. Based on such event in this year 2019, the congress party planned to go all out with this promise of paying 72k per year per account.  Modi may have not been so vocal about depositing 15L to each citizen's account but congress party is shouting from the roof about this new thing and they believe to pull the electorate to the ballot box in their favour.

Top economists may speak different version to support or to oppose this based on their loyalties or their understanding whatsoever, however as a sincere tax payer it feels bad to see the use of public money for being used for such unproductive purpose.  In fact encouraging such sops actually brings slavery amongst people as they tend to depend on such freebies and get into the comfort zone of avoiding to work for making money. Easy money is never a good idea. People could be facilitated by developed infrastructure and other opportunities to make them work and earn their living. Distribution of money should be restricted to emergencies only and to be given to the most needy of the lot. Not a single country in the world does anything of that sort with their people's earning.

Sam Pitroda a big name in congress issued a statement recently saying that the middle class is greedy and selfish and that they need to share the burden of taxes. They can easily pay taxes and so there's nothing wrong in this. His statement caused discomfort to the congress chief Mr. Rahul Gandhi, it is therefore he had to issue a statement that there's enough resources for managing NYAY plan where he talks about depositing 72K worth cash into thepoor people's bank account.


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