Reasons of Infertility in Men

There are various couples these days who want a child to complete their family, but unable to fulfill this dream of their life. It means they constantly have unprotected sex for a year or so; still they are not able to conceive. The cause can be male infertility. The problem is directly associated with sperm production in male. This is a serious problem: sometimes accepted and sometimes neglected.


Usually, it never comes up with any obvious symptom but the one direct symptom of Infertility in men is unable to conceive. There might be other possibilities as well like hereditary disorder, stretched veins surrounding testicle, hormonal imbalance or it might be any illness that does not allow sperm to pass through. Following are few other symptoms:

  • Problem with ejaculation, less fluid ejaculation, less sexual desire, erectile dysfunction.
  • Swollen or painful or lumpy testicle
  • Repeating breathing infection
  • Gynecomastia
  • Lower sperm count than usual
  • Weak sensing ability


Retrograde Ejaculation: this situation happens when semen passes into bladder while ejaculation instead of penis. There are various health issues associated surgery of urethra, bladder or prostate, diabetes, medication and injuries in spine.

Tumors: Pituitary gland releases hormones for reproduction. Cancer and Tumors directly harm these organs. When cancer is treated through radiation and chemotherapy it harms male fertility.

Varicocele: due to varicocele, the veins of testicle are swollen resulting drained testicle. It reduces the quality of sperm.

Various Infections: it is some kinds of infections that cause infertility among men by intruding and preventing from production of sperm or health of sperm or even blocking the passage for sperm.

Antibodies: in human body there are few cells called antibodies, which attack invader germs and eliminate them foe keeping the body healthy. Due to few circumstances these antibodies start attacking sperm and eliminate them mistakenly causing infertility in men.

Genetic defect: there are few defects or disorders in few male, present genetically like Kallman’s Syndrome, Kartagener’s syndrome or Klinefelter’s syndrome where a male child born with two X chromosomes and one Y chromosome where as it should be one X and one Y chromosome. All these disorders cause infertility in men. Cystic fibrosis in men is also a cause of unproductiveness.

Some medication: it is seen that males who are on medications for a certain medication for a long term are likely to develop infertility. It includes chemotherapy for cancer medication, antifungal mediations, therapy for testosterone replacement, anabolic steroid and few ulcer drugs.

Environmental Causes: it is very important to live in a healthy environment for a healthy life. It affects the body in many ways. Places where industrial chemicals, toxins and heat create unhealthy surroundings for male body, especially it reduces sperm count and sperm production as well. Overexposure to Industries like pesticides, toluene, benzenes, xylene, organic solvents, and herbicides can be categorized as harmful for sperm quality. Places with high radiations can permanently decrease the sperm count.Not just these places are dangerous but male who have job where they keep sitting for long hours even in healthy environment is harmful for sperm production and sperm count.

Lifestyle: Men who are addicted to some kind of intoxication like drug, alcohol or tobacco have low sperm count because it reduces the testosterone level, it causes erectile dysfunction and at last it reduces sperm count. Any kind of Stress or depression is also harmful for sperm production. Obesity is a big cause of male infertility.

PREVENTIONThere a many kinds of infertility which are incurable, but certainly there are few which can treated and avoided with few treatments and measures.

  • A Healthy Lifestyle is capable to solve several health issues. It is a personal dedication to improve one’s health for better living. Intoxication in any way is harmful for sperm production and sperm count.
  • Avoid Stress: Emotional stress and depression are harmful for sperm count. Yoga is helpful to reduce stress.
  • Mind your weight: over eating and unhealthy eating makes anyone put on weight. A healthy diet is always recommended with all kinds of nutrition for a healthy body.
  • Exercise: exercising is beneficial for all parts of body and definitely helps to increase sperm count and production.
  • Excess heating of testicle harms sperm count. It would be better to avoid such areas along with sauna and steam bath on daily basis.

There is no technique to improve the quality of sperm but there are various medical assisting technologies to help conceiving a couple with the existing sperm with the help of ART (Assisted reproductive technologies):

  • Hormone therapies
  • Surgeries
  • Artificial Insemination
  • ICSI (Intra Cytoplasmic sperm injection)
  • IVF (In Vitro fertilization)

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