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Sanjaya Baru And His Relationship With Movie “The Accidental Prime Minister”

The Accidental Prime Minister, it is one of the movies released on 11th January 2019 amidst media frenzy. Based on the book with the same name by Sanjay Baru, it created buzz among the political circles. The book released on April 2014 is the tell-all memoir about Sanjaya Baru’s time as media adviser of Manmohan Singh, the prime minister of India. The movie directed by Vijay Ratnakar Gutte, suggests the unwanted meddling in the crucial affairs of the center by Sonia Gandhi during the two-term tenure. So, the movie agrees with the allegation of the BJP that Manmohan Singh was merely a puppet in the Congress-led UPA government. The movie written by Mayank Tewari has Akshaye Khanna playing the role of Sanjaya Baru who explains his tough relationship with the ministers in the Congress government and his equations with Ms. Gandhi.

The book released just before the 2014 general elections created a storm. It went to become the sensational Ying of the year. But, the PMO’s office called it a fiction and a work with exaggerated as well as falsified information. But, it did not stop people from buying the book written by Mr. Manmohan Singh’s former aide. The movie tries to reflect the same sentiments projected in the book. You must read ahead to know in detail about the author who has managed to invoke interest, about this book, in the general public.

Who Is Sanjaya Baru?

Sanjaya Baru is a political analyst and commentator who is best known for his book, The Accidental Prime Minister. His illustrious career consists of him adorning several key positions. Till April 2018, Sanjaya was the secretary general of FICCI (Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry). As an academician, he has imparted his knowledge to students in several popular educational institutions including Lee Kaun Yew School of Public Policy (Singapore), Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations (New Delhi), University of Hyderabad, etc. His career as a journalist includes Financial Express chief editor, Business Standard editor, Economic Times associate editor, and Times of India associate editor. But, he is best known for his role as the official spokesperson and media advisor to former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Sanjaya’s father B.P.R Vithal a renowned economist was the Finance and Planning secretary. Most notable is that he worked when Dr. Manmohan Singh was India’sSecretary of Finance. His father was a noted freedom fighter with close ties to Mahatma Gandhi.

Sanjaya Baru was very close to Manmohan Singh as he took initiative for Baru to join the think-tank, Research and Information System for Non-aligned and Other Developing Countries when Dr. Singh became its chairman. Due to the close association, Baru attained the media advisor post in the first tenure of the UPA government. But, the Gandhi-family loyalists blocked him from retaining the position. If you have a penchant to watch political movies or novels, then you can try it once.

What Is The Controversy?

Sanjaya remained in the post of official spokesperson as well as media advisor of the Indian PM from 2004 to 2008. Sanjaya kicked a storm by indicating the unwanted influence of the Gandhi family in governance during Manmohan Singh’s tenure as PM. His book, as well as the movie, point to the unwanted meddling by Sonia Gandhi, the Congress chief during the second term of the UPA government. According to Sanjaya, Sonia Gandhi decided the cabinet appointments and other sensitive decisions, which are usually taken only by the Prime Minister. Baru says that Manmohan Singh was defanged by Sonia Gandhi as she took away the rights from him about deciding the appropriate portfolios to the ministers. Among the crucial decisions, the induction of Raja and giving the finance portfolio to Pranab Mukherjee made Singh wary. Manmohan Singh was disturbed due to the two centers of power as he felt it invokes confusion. Sanjaya alleges the then PM surrendered to the whims of Sonia Gandhi. So, the PM felt crippled due to his inability to function independently.

Controversies can only provide the publicity to a book or movie. Viewers have the choice to accept or reject it.


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