Send and request money by Gmail app by just taping the attachment icon.

Once I have been composing a mail on my android phone and I wished there should be a way to receive and send money without switching to Square, Venmo and wallet apps, but I never thought that my wish would fulfil in this way. My prayers have been answered and Google has allowed me to attach payments easily to Gmail messages. Wow! Now receiving and sending money has become possible with Google wallet apps. Thanks to technology as this feature of sending/requesting money was available in Gmail web client for many years but this is new to android apps.

This feature is not just limited to your contacts with Gmail addresses and it doesn’t require Google wallet app. Recipients need not to install another payment app to request or receive money right from email itself. There is a facility to arrange received money to deposit directly to their bank account. It is completely free for both recipient and sender. Here is the simple process that you need to follow while requesting or sending money via Gmail:

On the Sender end:

  • Open your Gmail account and compose mail
  • Enter email address of the recipient of money
  • Tap new paper clip icon
  • Attach file
  • Click one of the options between Send and Request money
  • Tap the one of the option that you want
  • Select an amount
  • Payment Source
  • Compose mail or write note
  • Attach to the message body
  • Sent this mail as you normally sent Gmail mails

On the Recipient End:

  • Recipient would tap Claim money link
  • This would transfer money into your Google wallet directly (You need to create an account in Google Wallet by going through the Sign up process)
  • Payments receive by the recipient will be deposited into Google Wallet account automatically

This feature of P is available in Android phones but limited to US version of Gmail apps. So use this amazing feature to send/receive money in simple steps. This is a great feature that people would love to use very often.


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