Stress Relieving Yoga Positions

Exercising is good for your body. When you exercise, it relieves the stress and tension from your body. It is because it releases natural hormones and endorphins. Yoga is a stress buster as you stretch your body to drain out the negative energy from the body. It also relieves the tightness in your body that causes pain.

Here are some of the stress-relieving yoga positions.

1) Child Yoga Pose

Child pose yoga

Also known as Balasana, the yoga pose is usually resting in between complicated yoga poses. The yoga pose calms your mind, restores a peace feeling, and slows your breath. You can practice it to release the stress and worries of the day.


2) Bridge Yoga Pose

Bridge Pose yoga

It is known as shoulder supported bridge or Setu Bandana. It is the inverted backbend yoga pose that is capable of alleviating stress and depression.


3) Standing Forward Bend Yoga

Standing Forward Bend Yoga

Uttanasana is a forward bending yoga pose that calms your brain. It reduces your anxiety and helps you relieve stress.


4) Eagle Yoga Pose

Eagle Pose Yoga

In modern yoga, Garudasana or Eagle pose is a standing balancing yoga pose. Due to the asymmetric position in one leg, the yoga pose can improve balance and concentration. It opens your shoulders and relieves neck tension.


5) Corpse Yoga Pose

Corpse Pose Yoga

Shavasana or corpse pose minimizes external distraction and sensory stimulation to help your body relax and drain out all the negative energy from your body.


6) Extended Triangle Yoga Pose 

Extended Triangle  Yoga Pose 

The standing yoga pose, also known as utthita trikonasana strengthens and tones your legs. It also increases your stability and reduces stress.


7) Legs-up the wall Yoga Pose

Legs-up the wall Yoga Pose

It is a restorative yoga posture that is considered as a mudra or asana. Also referred to as Viparita Karani, it allows your body and mind to relax. The approachable yoga pose allows you to relieve stress and tension from your body.


8) Puppy Yoga Pose

Puppy Yoga Pose

The yoga pose is a cross between the child’s pose and the downward-facing dog. It is the relaxing backbend yoga pose that lengthens the spine. It also calms your mind. The yoga pose also relieves your anxiety and stress.


9) Cat Yoga Pose

Cat  Yoga Pose

Marjaryasana or cat pose provides a gentle massage to your belly organs as well as the spine. So, performing the asana stretches your neck and back torso. It also relieves your physical and mental exhaustion to provide a sense of calm.


10) Dolphin Yoga Pose

Dolphin Yoga Pose

Dolphin pose, also known as Ardha Pincha Mayurasana stretches and strengthens your upper back, shoulders, and legs. The core strengthening yoga pose offers relief from mild depression, insomnia, and fatigue. Due to its calming effects, you get relief from stress.


11) Easy Yoga Pose

Easy Yoga Pose

As the name suggests, it is a simple yoga pose. You have to sit cross-legged to build mental and physical balance. Also known as Sukhasana, the yoga pose relieves anxiety and stress. It mainly works as a preparatory pose for other complex meditative poses.


12) Cow Yoga Pose

Cow Yoga Pose

Bitilasana or cow pose is usually practiced as a warm-up sequence. It stretches your body and opens your lungs. So, it facilitates easy breathing and helps your body prepare for other activities. The pose helps eliminate mental and physical exhaustion.


13) Head-to knee forward Yoga Pose

Head-to knee forward Yoga Pose

Janu Sirsasana calms your mind and helps relieve mild depression. The actions of stretching can drain the tension from your back of the body.

Practice the yoga poses that have stress reduction techniques like breathing control, stretching, clear the mind, and relaxing your body for a better quality of life.



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