Submission On Dirt Sheet

Dirt-sheet caters to the contents that is meant for people and comes from people only. The design structure and the system has been carefully planned to make sure that we encourage people to share their ideas, experiences and contents that they wish to under designated categories on the site. You are free to submit what you wish to and pour your heart out without any inhibitions. Show case your talent, open up fully and let people read you and appreciate you.  However the platform is democratic so it is bound to get some dislikes and objections to your thoughts and ideas as well. System we follow here in general is not to impose admin controlled censorship. It is therefore we want you to be sensitive to others. We want you not to post materials that raises tempers or creates rifts between people and communities etc. Not to write things that flares up hatered and is against country. Even your posts & comments, be it praise or the objections to any published contents, needs to be subdued and meaningful and should make sense.  You may have objections but it can be expressed in a decent and civilized manner.

As already conveyed Dirt-sheet being public platform, all such etiquette are to be adhered to which is acceptable on a common platform. One more consideration has to be kept in mind while you do your  submissions on the site, which is about not posting hyperlinks or contents that are potentially dangerous in any ways from the security point of view of the server & the data.

Kindly be aware, for posting any contents on Dirt-sheet you need to register first. Only registered users gets the right to submit any information on the site.  Whatever you post here will be reflected on the site immediately, however on receiving any objections or complaints the post could be withdrawn without notice based on the conditions and rules laid out by the management of the website. Be aware of few don’ts while posting the content on the Dirt-sheet site.

  • No duplicate contents acceptable, no copy pastes.

  • No hyperlinking – For this paid service is available and can be asked for

  • No fanatic religious comments/ posts.

  • No hatred spreading.

  • It could be more in the same spirit and direction.

Remember your Submission on Dirt-sheet helps you reach millions so be responsible, be interesting, be knowledgeable and more…