Kitchen is the main part of the house which requires a lot of attention. Since morning the kitchen is needed to prepare small or big meals of the day. Here we have few cool tips and tricks to cook food wiser.

  1. While kneading the doe for chapattis, use warm water than normal water and after kneading leave the doe for 20 minutes. This process results softer chapattis.
  2. If the nuts and dry foods are spoiling, try keeping them in refrigerator in a container. This increases its life and it can be easily chopped for further use.
  3. To enhance the flavors of nuts and dry fruits, dry roast them on a pan before adding them to any preparation. You can try roasting different kinds of dal and lentils, it enhances the flavor.
  4. While boiling potato or egg, try adding a pinch of salt to the water. It helps to peel the skin easily and enhances the flavor.
  5. If you find your hands smelly or stinking after the use of onion, garlic, fish or chicken, try rubbing your hands to clean stainless steel sink or utensil. It helps removing odor.
  6. While chopping onions place them in water for 5 minutes after peeling. You won’t find yourself shedding tears.
  7. In order to avoid discoloration of potato, eggplant or raw banana, soak them in water until cooking.
  8. In order to discoloration of fruits like peaches, banana, apple and avocado squeeze lemon over them.
  9. Before deep frying anything, try adding a pinch of salt to the oil, it reduces the amount of absorbed oil in the food item.
  10. While deep frying any food item like chicken, fish, or vegetable, try patting it dry on kitchen towel or paper. It helps in retaining the flavor and less oil will splatter around.

Happy Cooking!!!


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