After food the passion people generally have is to travel. This has been one of the oldest trait of humanity. Civilizations have travelled from one place to another in search of food or to survive. Today’s travel is based on things like business and trade, holidaying, research work or job requirements etc.

Travel has become an industry and many businesses and families survive on it. Travel has given rise to immense job opportunities. There are many places in the world where their daily bread is dependent on tourists. Take example of Kashmir, which was considered to be heaven on the earth. It still is a paradise despite so much of natural calamities and terrorism effects etc. People still love to be there.

Transport & communication system works as a fuel to the travel industry. Lives of many travel agents depend upon the sales & booking of tickets for Airplanes, Trains, buses, Cars & Taxis. Then there are tour operators who create attractive package deals for tourists travel plans called itinerary for them. These packages include booking of hotels for the stay, sightseeing plans using cars, busses or boats etc. depending upon the place and plans. Hotels are very important part of travel industry. Starting 2 stars to 5 and 7 star hotels are all dependent on travel industry clients only. Rooms are booked in advance for the planned holidays.

Now a days websites comes handy for immediate planning. These website also gives information about the travel place, near by areas, how to reach there and where to eat, the local specialties and many more such vital information for the tourists.
For sea travels now a days many luxury cruises are operating all over the strategic locations in Singapore, Canda, USA, Europe and such beautiful places. These are life time ultimate experiences. One can very well choose the right package and reputed operators in this using the website reviews etc. Reviews play a very important part in making or duping the brand value of any company from travel industry. These sites facilitates tourists to express themselves making the whole experience and the transactions nearly transparent.