Nowadays, there is a new category trending in the Indian Fashion world, that is, Unisex fashion. It had seen a tremendous success in other countries. We can say that it had been there in abroad for years and has recently made entry in Indian market.

Fashion experts call it a great turn around for Indian Fashion industry. They are also very much surprised to see the level of acceptance for unisex fashion in India. They are now convinced that people (mostly youth) has now overcome the stereotypical mindset of how a girl or a boy should dress up. It also brings a sense of equality (gender equality) in the society.

Nowadays, no one will be surprised if they see a boy and a girl wearing same T-Shirt or pair of jeans. International brands also have started targeting Indian Fashion market, after they realized that unisex fashion is acceptable here.

However, there is other side of the coin as well. At one end where consumers and fashion designers are in favour of unisex fashion, at the same time there is a group which says a big NO to it. Those who are not in favour of unisex fashion, call it a lack of creativity. They believe in theory that says men and women are supposed to dress differently. They also call it an easy way of earning money as the same stuff can be sold to both the genders, hence increasing the sales.

But, one of the well known designer who is known as father of unisex fashion says that it is no where mentioned that a man should dress in one way and woman in another? He believes that we are no one to create boundaries. If one likes to wear a particular dress, then he/she must have freedom to do so and should not be restricted.

Due to these two entirely opposite mindsets still prevailing, unisex fashion is able to gain as much popularity as it was expected. But soon the things will change and this theory of being neutral towards gender, at least in fashion world, will be favoured.


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