Will Pakistan abide by Geneva Convention ? And free Wing Commander Abhinandan ?

Will Pakistan abide by Geneva Convention......and free Wing Commander Abhinandan ?

A war always seems exciting in the movies. However, it is all guns and not roses at the end of the day. You might have been practically living under a rock if you haven’t heard or read about the Surgical Strike 2.0 carried out by the IAF on 26 th February. If legitimate reports are to be believed, Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman has been taken into the Pakistan’s custody. The pilot managed to eject from the failing MIG 21 Bison, but landed in the PoK.

34 year old Wing Commander of the IAF, Abhinandan was inducted into the IAF in 2004. Coming from a family that has served the nation via the Indian Air Force, he has one legacy to live up to. Videos released by Pakistan show him bloodied in one video following an assault by the mob. However, in another he is shown answering all questions with poise and grace loaded with composure.

What is Geneva Convention?

India reminded Pakistan of the Geneva Convention which lays down rules and regulations for the prisoners of war and the people taken into custody when there is a hostile situation in progress. The convention lays out rules that there would be no physical or mental torture meted out to the captives taken in to curb further participation in the disputed situation.

Fighters or people who are incapable of fighting the war or participate in hostile situations, Geneva Convention dictates that the party taking the captives into their camps will protect the wounded, sick and incapable folks. Brought into effect after the 2 nd World War, several countries signed for the convention and the second version which was approved in 1977 is still effective.

Countries are known to brutally torture and harm soldiers who are taken in as POW. Nevertheless, the Geneva Convention prohibits any such activities. Protocols are designed in such a way that it acts as an advantage. Protecting Human rights and sticking to the convention is what is expected of all countries who participate in the agreement.

Be it an international or a non-international conflict, countries are expected to treat every enemy taken in as captive or prisoner in a humanely way possible. Unfair trails, cruel methods and means, degrading and humiliating treatment must be ruled out. The protocol strictly calls out that the enemy taken in should be cared and treated for if they are wounded ad demand medical attention. Special agreements decree allows countries participating to invoke all sections of the Geneva Convention during a conflict for their soldiers.

The convention is usually invoked in all cases of conflict when nations get involved in hostile situations. This is absolutely applicable to the arrest of Wg Commander Abhinandan. Post resolution of the conflict, the Convention rules that he be returned to his homeland in a completely respectful manner. The pilot cannot be put through any trial or torture given that both India and Pakistan are signatories of the Geneva Convention.

Nevertheless, the MEA has already approached for the timely and safe return of the pilot. With a message sent out loud and clear to Pakistan, it can only be hoped that they do not resort to a vulgar display of personnel violation.

Let’s Pray for the bravest son of the Motherland, AbhiNandan! He will be back soon as Pakistan is the signatory of Geneva Convention and now Pakistan has to keep him safe and send him back within 7 Days.


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