Who will Win Elections In 2019

BJP-NDA Or MahaGathBandhan Who will Win Elections In 2019?

With the elections nearing, you have to make the decision. Your valuable vote can decide the future of India. But, you have your doubts about the different political parties who promise to bring great changes in the country. So, you may have your confusion about voting with two major alliances BJP-NDA and the MahaGathBandhan issuing promises and throwing allegation. Several factors differentiate the 2019 elections from the last one (2014). With the elections months away, you can even change your perception about the parties. But, let’s see who has more chances of winning the election in 2019.

BJP-NDA Alliance
The BJP led NDA alliance government has a powerful leader in the form of Narendra Modi. His charisma and public appeal are huge. Several factors work in favor of the BJP-NDA alliance like:

  • Modi has emerged the most powerful Prime Minister India has ever seen. He has taken some bold decisions that have shown an impact on the Indian economy.
  • The opposition is not strong. The MahaGathBandhan is like a quicksand. Another important factor is the non-availability of a strong opposition leader to compete with Modi.
  • Unlike the prior Congress Government, no scams have come to light to reduce the popularity of the government. So, no major scams can set narrative against the present ruling party.
  • BJP has shown its strong presence several new states with it clinching the favor of people in the North Eastern states. It has also provided an opportunity to form new alliances with powerful regional leaders in several states.

The Cons
Though BJP led government has several positive points going in their favor, it also has some drawbacks. The negative issues can have a major impact on the election results in 2019.

  • In 2014, Congress was in a major negative light with the 2G scam. After 4 years, the negativity has waned to an extent. So, the first time voters may not remember the 2014 scam that resulted in a huge gain for BJP.
  • The rise in petrol/diesel and cooking gas prices can invoke anti-incumbency against the Modi government. the price hikes have made the life of a middle-class person difficult.
  • BJP performed exceptionally well in the 2014 elections exhausting all seats in the states like Himachal, Uttrakhand, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Delhi, Gujarat, MP, Rajasthan. It is unlikely to repeat its performance in 2019.

The coalition of several political parties from the Eastern Bihar formed in 2015 is touted as the major competitor in 2019 elections. Unfortunately, its presence is now limited only in Uttar Pradesh and not anywhere else. With Mayawati led BSP rebuffing the Congress in the current legislative elections, its future remains unknown. But, it has some favorable points:

  • As the alliance consists of regional parties, it can attract votes in the respective state and put forward a tough competition to the NDA.
  • Modi government’s certain reform measures like demonetization have created a negative image among people, which the coalition can use as a political weapon

The coalition has several negative points that can mar their overall performance in the 2019 elections.

  • Each party has its own ideology. So, it is difficult to maintain a strong bond that can give competition to NDA.
  • Rahul Gandhi has no charisma or power to lead the huge coalition party against the NDA. Time and again Rahul has shown his incompetence.

With a few months to the election, you have to wait and see how each party strategizes and executes its agenda to impress people.



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