Why do we blow candles on birthday?

Birthdays are always meant to be special. After all, one gets to celebrate the day they were born every year with new friends and the family who always sticks by them. celebrating birthdays and the traditions associated with it have evolved over the years but what remains constant is the one where it includes blowing away the candles post a wish.

Many assume that blowing all candles at once makes that particular wish come true and how! With the faith and belief, it has always been like that and it is followed all over the world. But have you ever wondered, why do we blow out the candles at all? Where did the tradition originate from and why?

Well, putting candles in the cake has been around for a really long time. It can be traced back until the ancient Greeks who offered burning candles to their gods and goddesses. If traditions and methods are supposed to be believed, the Greeks burnt birthday candles to please the moon goddess, Artemis. To ensure that it was more authentic and moon-like, they made round cakes to appeal the goddess.

As religious reasons, a single candle in the middle of the cake was their go to option and this continued for a really long time. They believed that the smoke contained wishes and prayers which were transferred to the gods and deities who lived in the skies. Additionally, it was also supported by the belief that it kept the demons and other evil forces away.

The tradition has continued until this day where people hold on to the superstition. A silent wish is always expected before you blow those candles out on your cake. Even if tradition has it that the number of candles on the cake have to be equal to the number of years you have spent on the planet, it is often replaced by one single candle. If you blow it out in one breathe, the wish is supposed to come true. This is supposed to bring good luck to you for one complete year as well.

Additionally, it is also believed that if you do not blow it out in one breathe or say your wish out loud to someone else, it is supposedly assumed that it won’t come true. Candles have been recently replaced by magic candles which relight themselves. moreover, musical candles are swarming the markets as well. So which candle are you getting for your birthday?


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